The Coming Energy Revolution

July 31, 2001
Return of the Dove, Zero Point Energy, and the Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan/1998:
By the “Return of John Brown and Davey Crockett”

A little over a year ago, I featured a writing here on this web site called “Return of the Dove” . It tells of my experiences with three events between the time periods of April,1998 and the Spring of 2,000. Although most of the story deals with my experiences with the “Great Experiment”, it also mentions my affiliation with a group from Maryland University concerning a “political-environmental-social” event called the “March for Peaceful Energy” (MFPE). Within the planning for this event, the core group of organizers which included myself, a man named David Crockett Williams, and members of D.C. Solar, wrote a petitional document called the “Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan” (CPEP). This was done as a counter-active move on behalf of the citizens of the United States who were opposed to the present Energy Plan presented by it’s government as well as the growing concern over global warming and the contributions of fossil fuel emissions to the greenhouse effect. Another main motivator behind the movement, and the call for a national alternative energy plan, was the desire for long term world peace.

In 1998, the intent of CPEP was to present a viable alternative to this country’s centralized energy system based on fossilized fuels of coal, oil, and nuclear power (which relies on the mining of Uranium). At the time, the national DOE plan under the Clinton administration was called CNEP, the Comprehensive National Energy Plan. Also at the time, the citizens of this country had little reason to pay attention to such matters as the economy and stock market roared to all time highs and fuel was plentiful and cheap for the most part. The March for Peaceful Energy and the Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan seemed to most as a ’cause out of time”. Now, just three years later, the current energy crisis in California and other parts of the world, as well as growing concerns over the reality of global warming, present a different scenario. This, as well as the irresponsible approach to the energy issue under the new Bush administration, as well as it’s ignorance in regards to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, has prompted current grave concerns for both our immediate and long term future.

It all goes much deeper than the type of ‘energy” we talk about when it comes to filling our gas tanks, heating our homes and providing our electricity. Energy also has to do with the fundemental, living essence of all things, consciousness. My involvement in the events beginning in April of 1998 with a ‘world-wide meditation and prayer” event, to a political and social event as the “March for Peaceful Energy” in Washington, D.C. had everything to do with the my subsequent involvement with energizing “geomantic telluric activations” (see glossary ) in the Sierra Mountains in the Spring of 1999 and in the Joshua Tree desert in April of 2000. Simply put, “Energy is Everything..and Everything is Energy”. This relationship between consciousness and energy has been slowly gaining understanding through current scientific discoveries, along with recognition of past contributions from the likes of people like Nickola Tesla.

Zero Point Energy: Welcome to the coming “Energy Revolution”.

The following transripts were taken from the organizational communications for the March for Peaceful Energy in 1998 as well as the final draft for the Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan. What will follow after these transcripts on the second page, will be a proposal for a current “redrafting” of the CPEP document, as well as other current planned events for this year concerning energy,..and peace.

\ILLEGALK\ 11MAY98 “ILLEGAL KNOWLEDGE CAN SOLVE ENVIRONMENT CRISIS” (p1of4) by David Crockett Williams, Global Emergency Alert Response, 805-822-3309

A modern scientific revolution began quietly one Santa Barbara day in 1979 when a local inventor demonstrated his free-energy generator to US DOE (Department of Energy) representatives. The late Bruce DePalma’s “n-Machine” discovery inspired a new genre of energy technology to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power but Federal secrecy orders and intellectual inertia have so far prevented its commercial development. Until last month when this technology was noted in the new National Energy Policy Plan on page 55 of the DOE’s Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (CNES), the first revision in national energy policy since 1992, in response to the DEC97 Kyoto Protocol for reducing energy industry carbon dioxide emissions to address global climate change.

The problems of the greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, acid rain, and the dangers of nuclear power and waste are all solvable by widespread implementation of these new technologies, according to the authors of two new books on the subject which feature DePalma’s research, “The Coming Energy Revolution” by journalist Jeane Manning and “Miracle in the Void” by former NASA scientist/astronaut and physics teacher Dr. Brian O’Leary who was also the science and energy policy advisor to four US Presidential candidates. Manning also explains that, after that DOE 1979 visit to Santa Barbara, a Federal secrecy policy was discovered under the Freedom of Information Act by the Federation of American Scientists, a policy in which these free energy inventions are ordered secret by the US Government under authority of Title 35, US Code, sections 181-188, because of “national security” concerns about “dual-use” inventions with potential military applications. At the same time these new energy technologies have also been branded “illegal” as “violating the laws of physics” by closed-minded “mainstream” scientists whose professional positions have influenced public opinion and stonewalled their development (at the time of the invention of the airplane, most scientists thought that heavier-than-air aircraft would violate the “law of gravity”).

Physicists at UCSB have gone on record consistently since 1980 against DePalma’s results. For example, the first Director of UCSB’s national Institute for Theoretical Physics, and a prominent board member of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, has rejected their investigation repeatedly. First saying that, being a theoretical physicist, he had never even been inside of a physics laboratory so he could not comment at all on DePalma’s results. Then after reviewing the verification of DePalma’s n-Machine tests done in 1986 by Stanford electrical engineering Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert Kincheloe, he dismissed the results as “inconclusive”. When presented with the work of Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari of the Government of India’s Nuclear Power Board, which verified DePalma’s tests, Dr. Kohn said he was “not interested”. Quoted in the August 14, 1986, issue of the Santa Barbara Weekly, former chairman of the UCBS Physics Department Dr. Daniel Hone alternately called DePalma’s claims a hoax and then a simple misunderstanding of Faraday’s principle of induction. During this same time period eleven different members of the 99th US Congress introduced legislation to grant a patent to another free-energy inventor, Joseph Newman of Mississippi, to overcome a Patent Office that wouldn’t give him a patent because his invention, although proven, “violated the laws of physics”. Then on January 21, 1987, Santa Barbara Congressman Robert Lagomarsino introduced another such bill, H.R.716, again unsuccessfully, into the 100th Congress.

Yet other evidence exists that the Federal Government has been secretly developing these technologies for military purposes, through research contracts with universities and industry, while withholding it from the public. In the June 15, 1981, edition of Satellite News the n-Machine invention by former MIT engineering instructor and Polaroid Senior Scientist Bruce DePalma was touted, as a superior power source for satellites, by former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, by former chief of strategic planning for AT&T Dr. George Ainsworth-Land, and by University of Colorado physicist Adam Trombly. Trombly is a record-IQ multi-disciplinary scientist (following the synergistic global view advocated by his mentor R. Buckminster Fuller) who from NASA space probe planetary measurements became aware of the source of the n-Machine’s energy as the “zero point quantum dynamic energy of vacuum space”, as it is referred to on page 193, section AF 86-87, subsection 6, of the fiscal 1986 Department of Defense Program Solicitation request for research efforts in this field. This is the energy field in all of empty space predicted to exist at absolute zero and determined in 1963 to be on the order of ten to the ninety third power grams per cubic centimeter energy equivalent, based on the calculations of John Archibald Wheeler, the prominent US theoretical physicist who finished the H-bomb project and is credited with the development of the neutron bomb and the breeder reactor. This is the same zero point energy field which is the subject of the 1987 paper published in “Physical Review D” by former Stanford Research Institute physicist Dr. Harold Puthoff of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas. After finding out about the n-Machine Trombly and an associate developed an improved model receiving an international patent for this Trombly/Kahn closed path homopolar generator in 1982 (#W082/02126) which was promptly gagged by US secrecy order after Trombly visited the naval submarine laboratory in Connecticutt and found them working there on this generator for submarine propulsion (Michael Faraday, who discovered the principle of induction at the basis of all of our electric power technology today, also in December 1831 recorded his baffling discovery of the homopolar principle that DePalma independently rediscovered and proved could tap into this energy field inherent in the space in which matter resides). With another colleague, David Farnsworth, Trombly developed a superior solid state device of “500% efficiency” (5x over-unity) in 1989 which he has been trying to manufacture. In May of 1997 Trombly said he has so far survived 47 assassination attempts over this technology which threatens current energy industry monopolies. By the mid-1980’s rumors started surfacing that the n-Machine was being secretly developed by the DOD for satellite weapons. In Congressional testimony for budget requests in 1985 the chief scientist of the Strategic Defense Initiative, Dr. Yonas, testified that the homopolar generator was one of SDI’s “critical technologies” requiring research funding. Reports came in that it was being used in the “rail-gun” satellite weapon and within about five years later a space shuttle live TV camera showed this weapon firing on unidentified moving objects in Earth’s atmosphere in footage shown again on television recently. Dr. Wheeler’s publishing quote is featured on the back cover of the 1996 book “Physics of Free Power Generation” by Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, formerly of the Government of India’s Nuclear Power Board, who has since 1987 acknowledged the collaboration of DePalma and of Wheeler in the development of Tewari’s version of the n-Machine he calls the Space Power Generator which O’Leary and Manning write about in their books. It was Edgar Mitchell who in November of 1980 relayed to DePalma a threat on his life attributed to the CIA which deeply affected DePalma’s work and led to his expatriation a few years ago to New Zealand where he died October 3, 1997. In the Fall of 1983 DePalma gave a series of three lectures at UCSB on the n-Machine and his earlier experiments documenting unsuspected influences of rotation on the gravitational and inertial properties of rotating objects. The only UCSB employee to attend, the head of the Physics Department machine shop, expressed keen interest and vowed to “do something with this”. A few years later, after UCSB had been hired to help US development of the free electron laser, in 1987 DePalma spoke of his work on KTMS radio and afterwards got an anonymous but believable phone call from “an old physicist here in Santa Barbara” who asked “did you know that your generator is being secretly developed by UCSB under contract to the US Army?”. In January 1990 DePalma explained at a panel discussion at UCSB that the secrecy agreements signed by government contracted researchers authorize the use of deadly force if the researcher reveals details of what he is working on for the government. If this means they cannot even acknowledge such an agreement exists, without risking their lives, how can we ever know details of UCSB’s complicity in this mess?

Recent events, especially the inclusion of the n-Machine reference in the CNES, indicate a possible loosening of government secrecy on these matters. Several scientists, including Dr. Kincheloe, came to UCSB for the June 1, 1997, free energy briefing for the science advisor to His Holiness Dalai Lama, Dr. Robert Livingston, professor emeritus of neurosciences at UCSD and former national president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. As a result, His secretary enthused His Holiness’ interest in these results consistent with Buddhism’s conception of “the void” and one scientist with previous government research and secrecy experience began intensifying his lobbying efforts to get Federal secrecy requirements relaxed for data over six years old, out of his knowledgable concern for weapons applications of this new physics in which potential US enemies have an advantage. From these lobbying efforts a phone call was received in Santa Barbara at midnight on June 10, 1997, as an alert to tape the June 11th ABC News “Good Morning America” segment about Dr. James Patterson’s Power Cell free energy device which also neutralizes radioactive material. This device is classified as a “cold fusion” device and was featured at the June ’97 annual conference of the conservative American Nuclear Society where it will again be discussed June 8-11, 1998. Dr. Livingston was given an extra set of the compiled briefing research reports, including a copy of Tewari’s book, for him to give the next day to his old friend, Dr. Kohn. At the briefing, long time electronics industry test engineer Walter Rosenthal, from Santa Maria, impressed even the skeptics with testimony about his successful testing of free energy devices.

By now the accumulated body of knowledge in this new science field, coupled with the imperative to address our global environmental emergency that threatens life on Earth, is bringing us closer to fruition of these free energy technologies. The CNES was inspired by the Kyoto protocol to reduce US energy industry carbon dioxide emissions over the next ten to fifteen years to a point 7% below 1990 levels, which represents about 13% below the present levels that are projected to increase by at least 20% over the same period. This 33% disparity between goal and projection seems impossible to reconcile without rapid implementation of free energy technologies. The US Senate has already indicated it will not ratify the Kyoto treaty on climate control without the participation of third world countries like China and Mexico who are balking at any commitment, citing economic inability. What better solution than for California and the US to take lead in developing these new technologies to implement domestically and sell globally to help all countries reduce greenhouse emissions. Presently the dominant alternative is more nuclear power plants which Japan, China, and India are pursuing while the Ukraine prepares to fire up the only operational nuclear reactor left at Chernobyl after one blew up in 1989 and one was ruined by fire in 1991.

It is very clear that drastic emergency actions are necessary to resolve this environmental crisis. The global warming from the greenhouse effect is altering the global climate with more devastating storms, droughts and fires. According to Project Earth, 70% of current rates of destruction of rainforests is from fires, some of which are still burning since last year! Besides carbon dioxide emissions from the energy industry, the greenhouse effect is exacerbated by the destruction of the trees that normally produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, especially when the trees are burned up consuming oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. In addition, the effect of the reduction in atmospheric oxygen from combustion of fossil fuels (and trees) combined with the deforestation of the trees that produce oxygen has produced an oxygen crisis that is largely responsible for the depletion in the protective ozone layer. Project Earth computer modeling presented on July 31, 1988, by Adam Trombly, predicted 1998 as a “point of no return” whereafter, if solutions are not implemented this year, we may lose all the phytoplankton in the oceans from lethal levels of solar radiation penetrating the depleted ozone layer by the year 2008. Phytoplankton are not only the beginning of the oceanic food-chain but supply over half of Earth’s oxygen production. In 1991, Dr. Susan Weiler, executive director of the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, said that the growth of phytoplankton had already been found to be severely retarded — as much as 20 percent in some cases — in water beneath areas where the ozone layer has been damaged, and so eventually impacting the availability of fish and seafood. Lately, reduction in fishing harvests have been so severe that the White House is convening an Ocean Summit in Monterey, June 11-12, 1998.

This all means that carbon dioxide emissions must not just be reduced but they must be reversed by some method to reduce overall atmospheric carbon dioxide and, more importantly, to dramatically increase atmospheric oxygen to replenish the ozone layer whose delicate chemistry (ozone is created by sunlight acting on oxygen), is severly hampered by atmospheric pollutions such as chlorine and halogenated hydrocarbons. This is the driving imperative for the implementation of the free energy technologies by a “crash program” analogous to the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Project, as recommended by Dr. O’Leary whose book explains that this could be accomplished with a budget on the order of $100 million per year. The Federal budget surplus this year is projected to be $43-63 billion, and for fiscal 1999 beginning October 1st, $30-40 billion. Even the State of California is projecting a 1998 budget surplus of billions of dollars. Now this money is available towards this $100 milion annual budget, which only represents about twenty five cents per person in the US, to eliminate the need for nuclear and fossil fuel costs, pollutions and dangers.

What is the best method to actually reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and replenish atmospheric oxygen? Like the free energy technologies, the other half of the solution is also illegal. According to the USDA, the most bioefficient plant produces four times more biomass per acre than other plants, including trees, (therefore consuming four times more carbon dioxide and producing four times more oxygen) and it could replace the need to cut trees for paper. This plant is the hemp plant which has been one of human history’s most valuable resources since time immemorial but it was outlawed in 1937, as “marijuana” by defrauding the US Congress and the American people. This fraud was perpetrated by fomenting racial hatred and outlawing hemp by its mexican slang name to prevent Congress and the people from understanding that it is the same hemp plant that was the very basis of the American economy since colonial times. The purpose of this fraud is to maintain the monopolistic business practices of the industries that would be threatened by its legalization. But to help solve our global environmental emergency we need a reversal in the US and global hemp policy in order to plant it everywhere possible to heal the atmosphere. This would be practical only because of its exceptional economic value for the overall majority of Earth’s paper, fiber, food, fuel, medicines, chemical feedstocks, composite construction materials, etc. (see “Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy: The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, by Jack Herer). For more information on the free energy technologies, one may also see the new video “Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point” (800-795-TAPE), or visit , , and . I will be tabling on these issues at UCSB’s Harder Stadium Extravaganza, Saturday May 16th, and speaking at the California State Capitol May 28th.

Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:12:08 -0700 (PDT)

September 1, 1998
For Immediate Release

D.C. Solar
University of Maryland

WHO: Citizens respond to DOE’s 1998 CNES

WHAT: 1998 March for Peaceful Energy (MFPE)

WHERE: Washington, DC, Lincoln Memorial to U.S. Capitol Mall Rally

WHEN: October 24, 1998 United Nations Day
“UN International Year of The Oceans”
“UN International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples”

WHY: To affect implementation of the 1998 Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (CNES) that President Clinton has submitted in Congress for $6.3 billion funding to ameliorate global warming pursuant to last December’s Kyoto Protocol

Employing a global internet campaign for a Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan, grassroots organizers headed by University of Maryland students are determined to help President Clinton pass legislation to implement his “Million Solar Rooftops Initiative” and the “New Energy” technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and to neutralize radioactive wastes. Hemp activists are joining in to champion a National Hemp Reform Act for cheap non©polluting biofuels and to heal the atmosphere by reducing carbon dioxide to reverse the greenhouse effect and increase oxygen to repair the ozone layer. All are concerned about the lethal threat posed to the oceanic phytoplankton by ozone layer depletion and the oppression of indigenous peoples by current energy industry policies. Speakers will include William Thomas, author of Proposition One, now in Congress as HR©3750 Nuclear Disarmament & Economic Conversion Act sponsored by DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, and chemical physicist David Crockett Williams, a 1996 Independent Candidate for United States President.

—————- ==================
Washington, DC: October 24, 1998 and October 24, 1999
Contact: Richard Lasken
(for regularly updated info see )

Gathering before noon at the Lincoln Memorial, proponents of the “Resolution for a Citizens’ Peaceful Energy Plan (CPEP)” will march at Noon, Saturday, October 24, 1998, United Nations Day, to a 1 PM afternoon rally at the Nation’s Capitol Mall (between 3rd & 4th) to promote their resolution to Congress and the DOE in a grassroots effort to end wars, terrorism, and oppression of indigenous peoples over energy resource exploitation, to promote clean energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel technologies, and to foster global peace through a New Energy policy, delivering the Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan (CPEP) to government representatives and media. This event will be broadcast over the internet. This year’s event is to mobilize communities around the world to conduct local Marches for Peaceful Energy culminating with a larger MFPE event in Washington, 24OCT99. CPEP endorsements will be gathered during the year in person and over the internet. This year’s event will initiate a global “Power Down for Peace” ceremony designed to unite millions of people in solidarity with CPEP and “Global Peace Now!” as a universal human resolve. Participants everywhere will switch off electricity at once for a period of time in a show of respect and love for our Mother Earth, challenging consumerism and environmental poisoning.

Speakers will address enery conservation and the advantages of alternative and renewable energy technologies, such as solar (including the Million Solar Rooftops Initiative), hemp biofuels, and the newly recognized potential of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) technology as the Holy Grail of energy research (see DOE letter), as discussed in the new national energy policy plan, Comprehensive National Energy Strategy (CNES), produced this year by DOE and now in Congress for implementing legislation to address global climate change as mandated by last December’s Kyoto Protocol. The event will conclude with a musical “Celebration of Peaceful Energy”.

This year, 1998, has been proclaimed by the United Nations as the “International Year of the Oceans” and is the fifth year of the UN “International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples”. Speakers will also discuss how CPEP will ameliorate the threat posed to the oceanic phytoplankton (over half of Earth’s oxygen supply) by the fossil fuel combustion of oxygen that is exacerbating ozone layer depletion. The adverse impact of current energy policy on indigenous people will also be discussed, such as coal and uranium mining in places like the Black Hills of South Dakota and on the Black Mesa of Arizona that is causing the Big Mountain relocation, and the dumping of nuclear waste in Nevada in violation of the Ruby Valley Treaty while new Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation (LENT) technologies have now become available to neutralize radioactive wastes where they are created (as reported again this year to the annual meeting of the American Nuclear Society and slated with ZPE for research and development by the Department of Energy).


WHEREAS, the present global energy policies exploiting coal, oil and nuclear technologies may be contributing to tensions leading to wars and terrorism as well as oppressing indigenous peoples, and

WHEREAS, present fossil fuel combustion of oxygen and production of carbon dioxide may be contributing to global warming and ozone layer depletion, and,

WHEREAS, the pollutions and dangers of nuclear and fossil fuel power technologies may threaten the health of life on earth with such things as nuclear waste, acid rain, air pollution, etc., and,

WHEREAS, according to the new US national energy policy plan, CNES Comprehensive National Energy Strategy, alternative technologies are available which can effectively ameliorate these problems while increasing America’s energy independence, furthering global peace,


1) Implemention of the “Million Solar Rooftops Initiative”, with special attention to solar assisted air conditioning for the poor in the sunbelt and to MSRI contributions to the electicity grid,

2) Special tax incentives on renewable energy technologies,

3) A ban on new construction of nuclear power plants and a resolve to shut down existing plants in a timely manner,

4) Special funding on the order of $108 million per year for a “crash program” to rapidly research and develop both the promising new Zero Point Energy (ZPE) technologies alluded to in a DOE letter as the Holy Grail of energy research, and the Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation (LENT) technologies to neutralize radioactive wastes,

5) Allocate funding for an accelerated public education campaign about the ecological and economic benefits of energy conservation, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and other alternative and renewable energy technologies including simple mechanical adjustments to allow gasoline and diesel engines to run on non© polluting biofuels as they were originally designed,

6) Implementation of a new energy strategy to prevent the US from ever going to war again over oil supplies and to stop oppression of indigenous peoples from imposed mining and waste dumping,

7) Urgent agriculture reforms, to foster rapid reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to reduce the greenhouse effect and increase atmospheric oxygen to help replenish the ozone layer,ï including a National Hemp Reform Act for the relegalization and recommercialization of the hemp plant for biofuels, to save the trees, and to heal the atmosphere in a revival of the USDA’s 1941 “Hemp for Victory” program to affect the widespread cultivation of this extremely bioefficient and useful plant (for the overall majority of Earth’s paper, fiber, food, fuel, medicines, chemical feedstocks, and composite construction materials,) by ending the fraud on the Congress and the people whereby in 1937 this historically valuable plant has been outlawed as “marihuana”. This is not an advocacy of using this plant as a drug.

For this, and all the before mentioned statements of intent and purpose, we urge you to sign this document empowering you as not just a citizen of the United States of America, but as a citizen of the planet Earth.

SIGNED: X____________________________________________________
(contact info:_________________) ( ) will help for 10/24/98-9

Part 2 of this update to be posted shortly, including a proposal for an updated draft of a Citizens Energy Plan in order to petition the current administrations energy policies and to press for alternative energy sources. Part 2 will also list related events coming up during the rest of 2001, including a Jerusalem Peace walk in December. Please stay tuned for further details and information.