Artisans Revival 2018 – Update #3

Dear Friends of the Artisans Revival,

You are receiving this update because you are planning on participating, have participated, or shared an interest in the Artisan Revival events. If you would no longer like to receive these updates, please reply with REMOVE in the subject line. Thank you.

This update is a little overdue. I appreciate your patience and I apologize for the delay. There is a lot to process. We are taking on a lot, and I have a lot to share with you. By the way things are going, this year will bring an established artisans force to this city that has not been seen for quite some time. This could not happen without all your support.

This update is going out to a lot more people than just a month ago. We are growing exponentially. This update will bring a lot of clarity to what we are doing and where we are at. If anyone has any questions after this update, please feel free to contact either Sandra or I directly. If I haven’t made it clear, please be aware that Sandra Turner of PlumIslander Art and Design is now officially the co-chair of the Yankee Homecoming Artisans Revival shows that now coordinate both the Market Square Craft Day AND the nine day Inn Street Artisans Revival marathon show. Her support and contributions have been invaluable to not only the Yankee Homecoming shows but to the expanded Inn Street Artisans Revival 2018 scheduling. We are also on the lookout for a couple additional volunteers this year to help out with non profit and agriculture participation in this years show. On behalf of all the artisans,….Thank You Sandra!

Here are the main topics that I will be covering in this update:

* Clarifications

* Transient Vendor’s License (TVL) of Newburyport

* New Applications for all Artisan Revival 2018 shows

* Inn Street Artisans Revival 2018 schedule.

* Yankee Homecoming Market Square Craft Day AND

   the nine day Inn Street Artisans Revival marathon. 

* Artisans Revival Chalet Holiday Show in November/December

* Non-Profit 501C3 for an Artisans Market and Management Company.

O.k. First;

* Specific Clarifications

Before I get into any new developments for 2018, please allow me to clarify a couple specifics that I have seen developing since the last update.

  1. Regarding my entries on the TVL’s, or Transient Vendor’s License. This license is needed for doing business outside in Newburyport (specifically Inn Street) daily in the city of Newburyport. …but has NOTHING to do with the Artisans Revival shows. In short, NO, do not need to have a TVL in order to do an art show with the Artisans Revival. I will get into this more when I get into updating the current status of the TVL process in this update.
  1. When making out donation checks for the shows, please be aware of the specifics that are outlined in the new applications for ALL shows. When dealing with Yankee Homecoming shows (Market Square Craft Day and the nine day Inn Street Artisans Revival marathon) make your checkspayable to Yankee Homecoming. When you are making a donation check for any of the expanded Inn Street Artisans Shows OUTSIDE of Yankee Homecoming,those checks are made payable to John Brown. In the near future, this will too will change once the non-profit is set up. In the meantime, I am personally overseeing any of the costs (Insurance, web site, detail, etc) involved. For now, please follow the directions as they are outlined in all specific applications.

If you have not recieved the new 2018 Applications for both the Yankee Homecoming shows and the expanded Inn Street Artisans Revival shows, please contact me directly.

If you have already sent in your application for any show, you will be contacted directly shortly. Deposits and follow ups will be made asap. Please be patient as we get adjusted.

  1. The first show on April 21, 22nd, of the expanded Inn Street Artisans Revival schedule, has now been canceled. The weather, application timing, permitting, and general interest for this show has all played a factor in postpoing the first show of the season. The general consesus is that the launch of the Artisan Revival 2018 will be the Spring Fest on Saturday, May 26th. More on this below regarding the expanded Inn Street Artisans Revival 2018.

O.k. Next;

* Transient Vendor’s License (TVL) of Newburyport

Even though the TVL has nothing to do with the artisan shows on Inn Street or throughout Yankee Homecoming and has caused a little confusion, by the time all the dust settles you will understand better the method behind my madness and why I have pushed and included the TVL process with these Artisans Revival updates. A short recap for newcomers. Last year, the TVL city ordinace was being re-written in order to limit any and all local participation of small business (due to complaints regarding my cart operation and Metsys by New England Developement) The last thing they want to see is a bunch of local business ‘artisans’ on Inn Street. Last year we demonstrated that their are a few of us that disagree and have different intentions for Inn Street. In so doing, instead of ridding us like they have for the majority of mom and pop local business’, we got the current TVL’s in the city ordinance to add TWO ARTISAN DESIGNATIONS. That means that no matter what or who, Newburyport will reserve two of the four available TVL for the Downtown Overlay District, (Specifcally Inn Street) for TWO ARTISANS. At least until someone comes along and thinks they can just rewrite the laws again.

This developement of adding an artisan designation for TVL’s is a big deal. And as time goes on I will explain more, so that this becomes clear for all to see and fully understand. After nine years of being granted a TVL for Inn Street, I can now see where a lot of misunderstanding and lack of progress comes from.

So with that said, I am pleased as punch to announce that BOTH artisan Designated TVLs for the city of Newburyport have been filled for the 2018 season. After eight long years, I will not be the only artisan on Inn Street. I find it amazing that it has taken this much time for another artisan to be granted a license and an opportunity granted for another to sell their work on the streets of downtown Newburyport.

And this is only the beginning.

As mentioned, there are four TVL available for Inn Street. Two for artisans and two for food. All indications is that one of the final four is being applied for, and most likely granted, at next months licensing commision meeting. In short, it looks like three of the four TVL’s are being secured for the 2018. That means there is still one licesne available for the daily commercial operations on Inn Street for 2018. This does NOT mean that the third license can not be granted for an artisan. The idea at this point would be to solidify space between the artisans, food vendor, and accompanying musician from time to time, until more TVL’s are granted.

To me,…THIS is the core of the eventual, permanent, year round Artisans Market that WILL BE in Newburyport when we are finished.  It started with one. There are now two. There will be more.

If you have any interest in being granted a 2018 TVL for the city of Newburyport, please contact me directly, or see my last update.


* New Applications of all Artisan Revival 2018 shows

New applications have been completed for all the Artisans Revival 2018 shows. You can obtain these applications if you havent already by contacting Sandra @ or myself @ directly. These applications will eventually be available via download at our new website at, the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival event page;, or via our facebook page;

In the meantime I would like to take this opportunity to announce the new Artisans Revival domain web site; This web address will host the future home of the Artisans Revival 2018. I will have more information on all this in future updates.

* Notice that we will be offering non prime, as well as smaller table only, spaces at reduced rates. I would also like to make notice at this time that as long as there is an open space at ANY Inn Street Artisans Revival expanded show, NO ARTISAN will be turned away due to financial hardship. If you are an artisan that is just starting out, or having financial difficulty, contact me directly and we may be able to work out an agreement that will enable you to have an opportunity to test market and exhibit your wares, and or exchange volunteer service, in exchange for exhibit space during any show that has not been sold out.

* Inn Street Artisans Revival 2018 schedule.

The initial Inn Street Artisans Revival show that was originally scheduled for Saturday and Sunday April 21-22nd to coincide with the first Artwalk of the 2018 season has now been canceled.

There just hasnt been any consistent weather pattern to allow this type of show outside on Inn Street during this time of year.

I have now gained all signatures required on the special event application and will be submitting it back to the city clerk next week. I am also collecting letters of recommendation from local Inn Street retailors to include in this special event application. We are targeting the April 30th Newburyport City Council meeting for permit approval.

I would like to thank all those that have come forward, booked shows, and contributed donations in order for this special event application and expanded show schedule to take effect. Without your participation, financial support, and cooperation, this venture would not be possible.

I have one more thing to ask of you. If you can, please show up at 7:15 at the Newburyport City Hall council meeting on the evening of April 30th, 2018. There you can register for public comment and show your support for the expanded Inn Street Artisan Show schedule and approval for our special event application. All you need to do is sign your name on the clipboard, and when your name is called, stand up to the mic and state your name and address, then share your support for the Inn Street Artisan Special event application. Thats it. If you want to say more you can. This will go a long way in guaranteeing this event to take place.

In the meantime, I will be notifying specific members of the city council and licensing commission that have backed the Inn Street Artisans and will be asking for sponsorship. City councilman Gregory Earls showed up at the TVL meeting in support of the second TVL artisan designated application this past month, and personally shared his support to me for this event.

The first show of the Inn Street Artisans 2018 expanded schedule is now Saturday, May 26th. Remember, the reason that this show has been scheduled on this particular Saturday is because the Spring Festival that is run by the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce is on Sunday and Monday May 27th and 28th. If you book this potential ‘third day’, its possible that you may be able to retain the same space on Inn Street (If you so desire) during the two day Chamber of Commerce Spring Festival. Even if you have to move, its still an opportunity for three days of retail during this Memorial Day weekend. Chances are, if we make a strong enough showing, one is moving anywhere for three days.

The Inn Street Artisans Revival will then continue on with its original intention on doing its next show simultaneously with the Newburyport Artwalk in June. There are still plenty of spaces available for all shows.

If all goes accordingly this year during the artwalk artisans shows, we will then sit down with the organizors of the Newburyport Gallery Artwalk and see if there is an option of being incorporated into the Artwalk map and brochure for 2019. I have already spoken briefly to Elena Bachrach of the Newburyport Art Association, who is organizing the artwalk this year.

This is the proposed, completed expanded Inn Street Artisan Revival show schedule for 2018 that will be posted on the web site in time;

  1. Artisans Revival Spring Fest

Saturday May 26th, 2018


  1. Artisans Artwalk Weekend

Saturday and Sunday

June 3, 4th 2018


  1. Artisans Fourth of July Show

Saturday and Sunday

June 30, and July 1st, 2018


  1. Artisans Artwalk Weekend

Saturday and SundayAugust 18th and August 19th, 2018


  1. Artisans Labor Day Show

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2018


  1. Artisans Harvest Fest

Saturday October 6th, 2018


  1. Artisans Artwalk Weekend

Saturday and Sunday

November 3rd and 4th, 2018


* Yankee Homecoming Market Square Craft Day AND

   the nine day Inn Street Artisans Revival marathon. 

As announced in my last update, the Artisans Revival is now coordinating the Yankee Homecoming Market Square Craft day as well as the 3rd annual, nine day Inn Street Artisans Revival marathon. We have had a great response on this and looking forward to including some of the finest crafters in the area that have been doing this show for years, as well as attracting even more local, high quality, crafters that are interested in doing these shows. Again, if you are interested in doing these shows please contact Sandra or myself for an application.

There are still plenty of good spaces available for both Yankee Homecoming shows. If you have already sent in your application, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED. I will be following this update up with direct notifications and verifications of all applications recieved, shortly.

As usual, there are some planning and dealing behind the scenes as always and I may have some future announcements regarding these shows down the road. Stay tuned. Again, many good spaces still available for both Yankee Homecoming shows.

* Artisans Revival Chalet Holiday Show in November/December

We are still moving forward with this intention. As a matter of fact, upon being granted my ninth TVL for 2018 by the licensing comittee, I submitted plans for a transportable “mini chalet” that meets the newburyport TVL guidlines in order to replace my aging ‘Art Cart” on Inn Street. I need to return to the May meeting. If accepted, my goal would be to role out the first proto type this August during Yankee Homecoming Inn Street artisans Revival.

* Non-Profit 501C (3) for an Artisans Market and Management Company.

Plans, interest, and personel are still be gathered. Anyone who has requested additional information on both these intentions are being placed on a specific mailing lsit and will be contacted when the time comes.

Thats it for now.

Ive included a few new ‘reference links’ below. For anyone new to these updates and the Artisans Revival, you may find additional information below, or see all posted past posted updates since 2016 on the Spirit of Newburyport Blog link below. Notifications will be made once new information is uploaded to the new Artisans Revival web site.

Again, if I’ve forgotten anythng or if anyone needs aditional information, please dont hesitate to call or write.

Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42 Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Artisans Revival Coordinator

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