Artisans Revival 2018 – Update #1

Dear Friends of the Artisans Revival,
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In this Update you will here about:
* 2017 Boston Winter Holiday Market
* 2018 Newburyport Transient Vendor Licenses
* 2018 Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival
* 2018 Artisans Revival EXPANDED show schedule
* 2018 Artisans Revival Holiday Chalet Market Show?
    I have a lot exciting information to bring to you regarding the Artisans Revival 2018. To those that have contacted me seeking information for the upcoming year, thank you, and I appreciate your input and patience. For those of you that may be new to the list, you can find my archived updates going back to 2016 in the link to my Spirit of Newburyport blog below. I have categorized and highlighted certain elements of the Revival in order for you to be able to discern what is best for you in order to maximize your reading time. I know a lot of us have great projects going on and time is always of the essence. I have been debating on whether or not to pursue a rather ambitious 2018 format. Even though I may initiate such an ambition, I believe ultimately it can only be accomplished with the input of all involved.
So here goes.
* 2017 Boston Winter Holiday Market
    First, allow me to brush up on where I left off last year. Many of you may already know that several artisans from the greater Newburyport area and representatives of the Artisans Revival participated in the Boston Winter Holiday Market at City Hall Plaza for the last 37 days of 2017. What an experience! For those that have heard of this for the first time, I will be offering a full detailed insight on what this show consisted of, what it was like, the ups and downs, and what it all means to the future of artisan markets here in Newburyport and beyond soon! The most relevant aspect of this show was what was referred to as ‘artisans chalets’. Please stay tuned for more information.
For a preview of some of the sights and sounds of Boston Winter Market 2017;
I also have a video coming out on the building of the ‘Tall Ships Boston 2017 Chalet’. Like I said, I will be following this event up with more information as well as where we go from here in regards to a ‘tiny studio artisan market’ concept.
* 2018 Artisan Designated Newburyport Transient Vendor Licenses
    One of the first and foremost important aspects of the Artisans Revival here in Newburyport for 2018, is the implementation of what resulted from last year in terms of expanding the city ordinance to include TWO artisan designated Transient Vendor Licenses and four overall on Inn Street for 2018!  I have been working towards this for quite some time now when I was issued the first TVL as a non-food vendor (artisan) in 2009.
For a full view and reading of the new TVL ordinance, section 9-114 paragraph (1), see here:
Sec. 9-114. – Restricted areas.
Approved transient vendors may operate only at the specific locations identified in the application approved by the license commission and subject to the other restrictions of this section 9-114 and license commission regulations. This ordinance shall supersede any other regulation promulgated by the board of health relative to geographic limitations on transient vendors.
(1)No more than a total of four (4) full-season licenses, or their equivalent in cumulative duration, at Inn Street, Inn Street Playground (Map 004-Lot 002), and Inn Street Mall (Map 004-Lot 030 [portion]) (the “Inn Street Licenses”), provided that no such license shall allow vending in, from, or by means of a parked vehicle or food truck, and at least two (2) such licenses shall be granted to an applicant whose primary business is the sale of artisan products and wares, as further defined by the license commission; and
It also states:
The City of Newburyport issues four (4) transient vendor licenses in the downtown area on Inn Street only. Two (2) of these are for Food Vendors and Two (2) for Arts related Vendors. These licenses are valid for the year of the accepted application. At the end of each year Vendors may reapply for another license if they choose with the understanding the Newburyport Licensing Commission will consider their application along with any others being submitted. 
I will also say, as I reiterated last year and testified before council, that even though I am duly grateful for the two designated TVL for artisans this year, it is a FAR cry from what is needed and duly deserved for the local artisans of Newburyport as well as the visitors to this great city! I will also go on and state for the record that the new city ordinance takes away an automatic renewal (which had been grandfathered into any exsisitng TVL holder during the last change in city ordinance in 2009). This is a big deal, but more on that later.
Let me make this perfectly clear, and I think I speak on behalf of all the artisans of the greater Newburyport area. We will NOT be satisfied, until we reach our collective goal of a year round artisans marketplace in Newburyport and EVERY artisan who wishes has an opportunity to market their wares and participate in a local collective creative sustainable economy here in Newburyport!
The fact that it has taken this long and has taken this much of a fight, time, and effort to achieve these goals in a city that prides itself on its latest designation as an ‘historic and cultural’ city, together with a long history of artistic reputation, is nothing less than a travesty and reflection of some of its city officials, policies, and trade oraganizations. With THAT said, I would like to once again take this opportunity to thank those city councilors, artisans, retail operators, and public who have seen this and are trying to make a difference in establishing this type of market in the downtown overlay district (D.O.D) .
For those of you who may be interested in what I am talking about here but dont know what to do, I would recommend the following;
1. Distribute this email to anyone who you think may be interested in contributing.
2. Contact me personally with your interest for additional direction.
3. Write to your local newspaper editor.
4. Show up at a City Council and/or License Commision meeting and speak on your own behalf.
 I will have much more to share on this very important subject that is the cornerstone and foundation to everything that the Artisan Revival IS AND WILL BECOME in the city of Newburyport right here in these updates. You will be the first to know of any new information or happenings.
There is also something else that I need to point out in this email. If you go to the citys website regarding the Transient Vendors License page, you will see a notice that states;
All Applications must be submitted with all the requested documentation two weeks prior to the Licensing Commission’s April 4th meeting (March 16th, 2018). Any partial applications submitted will not be considered. The Applicant must attend the April meeting to introduce themselves and discuss what they will be selling.
Applications for license renewal or new licenses for the 2018 season may be submitted to the Newburyport Licensing Commission, PO Box 550, Newburyport, MA 01950 by March 16, 2018 for consideration by the Licensing Commission at the April 4, 2018 Wednesday night meeting.
If anyone is interested in more information regarding the Newburyport TVL 2018, please contact me directly.
* 2018 Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival
    It has been confirmed to me by this years Yankee Homecoming chairperson, Maureen Ryan, that there will be a third annual Inn Street Artisans Revival! This years event promises to be better then ever. I will be following up this update with more specifics regarding this years show shortly. I can say right now with a degree of certainty, that spaces will be limited and sold out prior to the event. So if you are interested in participating in the 3rd Annual Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival, please contact me for an application and I will be sure to get one out to you asap. This years dates are July 28 -August 5th.
More on this shortly…
* 2018 Artisans Revival EXPANDED show schedule
    For those that are familair with the Artisans Revival movement over the past two years, you know that we held our first independent event last September during the Labor Day weekend in conjunction with the Newburyport Riverfest concert. This three day event was a fantastic success, not only for the Artisans, but for the surrounding retailer’s on Inn Street. It has laid the foundation for the possible expansion of more independent shows on Inn Street and throughout the city of Newburyport. With revised changes in permiting and coordination between the city and the Chamber of Commerce, I do not, as of yet, have all the specifics, nor confirmations. What I can tell you for sure is that we are making a sincere effort to expand the artisans Activities on Inn Street and will be turning in my application for expanded Artisans Revivals shows for 2018.
The most pertient element on the feasibility of this schedule will be ARTISAN PARTICIPATION. If you are interested in participating in any of these shws, please contact me asap!
The ‘probable’ dates (subject to change) are as follows;
2018 Artisans Revival (Proposed Show Dates)
Saturday April 21, 2018 – Inn Street Artisan Revival Artwalk
(This show will be simultaneous to the Newburyport Artwalk)
Saturday May 26th – Artisan Revival SpringFest
(This show will preceed the Newburyport Chambers Spring Festival on Sunday and Monday)
Saturday June 3rd – Inn Street Artisan Revival Artwalk
(This show will be simultaneous to the Newburyport Artwalk)
Wednesday July 4th – Inn Street Fourth of July Artisans Revival
Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisan Revival – July 28th – August 5th
Saturday August 18th – Inn Street Artisan Revival Artwalk
(This show will be simultaneous to the Newburyport Artwalk)
Saturday September 1-3, Labor Day Artisans Revival
Saturday October 6th – Artisans Revival HarvestFest
(This show will preceed the Newburyport Chambers Harvest Festival on Sunday and Monday)
Saturday Novemeber 3 – Inn Street Artisans Revival Artwalk
(This show will be simultaneous to the Newburyport Artwalk)
November 30- December 16 – Artisans Revival Chalet HolidayFest
(This show is in its infancy planning stages and far from being confirmed)
* 2018 Winter Chalet Artisans Market Show?
As stated in the opening paragraph of this update, one of the most prevelent aspects of doing the Boston Holiday Market 2017, for me anyway, was working in a confined, heated environment of an enclosed ‘Artisans Chalet’. Basically, a hyped up disscription of converting a ’10×12′ (or varying sizes) Garden Shed into an ‘Artisan Chalet’, or ‘Tiny Studio’ as a take off of the ‘Tiny House’ concept. Again, please check out my blog update for some insight on this as well as staying tuned for more information, including a video trailor that I am making on just how I designed my 2017 Boston Winter Chalet’. This concept is dervied from Europes’ Christmas Markets’, and has spurned the idea of creating a YEAR ROUND Artisans market based on the Chalet concept. Again,..please sty tuned for lots more information regarding both the Holiday Artisans Revival show as well as the movement for a year round Artisans Market.
Please sty tuned for lots more information on this as well as all the shows for the Artisans Revival 2018!
Be sure to check out the links below for more history of the Artisans Revival.
Best Regards,

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Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

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