Inn Street Artisans Labor Day Market Show – Update 8/28/17

Dear Friends of the Revival,
You are receiving this update because you have participated in the Revival events or are interested in this movement. if you would no longer like to receive these updates, please reply with ‘REMOVE’ in the subject line.
In this update you will hear of news regarding:
* The Labor Day Inn Street Artisans Market Revival Show TRIBUTE
* Monday night city council meeting
* Artisans Revival inaugural beneficiary; Titus Blade Steele
* The Artisans Market Revival Fund
* Kathy Heywood; Labor Day Festival
* Bridget Chapman; WREG News
There is so much news to share with you I can hardly contain it all in one email. For those that might have a hard time taking in all the information, all I ask is that you try and stop to smell the roses ; )
I may be writing in the most auspicious time of this Revival process. What happens within the coming days will determine the future of the Artisans Revival movement.
Yes. I said it. MOVEMENT. Because ‘THIS’ is exactly what is now taking place whether or not it is obvious to see, or not. If it is not obvious to you, then I implore you to take a closer look at what is happening, and HAS been happening now on Inn Street since August of 2015.
Inn Street Blues – Jim Sullivan
This revival movement has ignited a community of wayfarers to reclaim a street, and once again establish a viable model of local, sustainable, co creative economics and collaboration to inspire a community.
What took place in August of 2015 was a time that the working class people of this good city, led by the artist and crafts(wo)men, stood up to the ignorance of corporate/commercial controlled sponsored interest OVER PEOPLES INTEREST,…….and took back their street by way of one of the longest running festivals in the country. A no simple feat.
This Labor Day weekend we have an opportunity to celebrate this cause.
The proposed Labor Day Inn Street Artisans Market Revival Show is quickly shaping up to be a celebration and TRIBUTE to the generations of working class artisans and crafts(wo)men of this city.
I have had several conversations over the past couple days that have been so meaningful and pertinent to what is now happening that I could spend hours writing about it, yet not even scratch the surface.
So I will try to keep this as simple as i can ; )
The only thing that now seems to stand in the way of any further progress of this movement is a city council vote sometime during the city council meeting on Monday evening. I have presented this event application in the most simplest of ways with a basic artisan layout. It Has gained a city council sponsorship and ally, along with brick and mortar letter of recommendation.
The application is now before License and Permit Committee and City council debate and approval; See Packet here;
The Artisans Revival movement (including culinary arts and musicians) has demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can all live and coexist together peacefully and effectively in an aura of collaboration of co-opportunity community spirit.
If we are able to revive a significant artisan representation on a steady basis here in Newburyport via Inn Street, and execute it so that ALL elements of the city benefit from it, it can go a long way in addressing some of the current issues facing our celebrations of festivals that have become a proud trademark of our heritage and culture over the years.
If you haven’t done so, please take the time out to review the significant local news of the latest event.
Artisans Bring Lively Revival to Inn Street
By Jim Sullivan Staff writer Aug 1, 2017
Merchants, Business Leaders High on Yankee Homecoming
By Dyke Hendrickson Staff Writer Aug 8, 2017
Even though we are celebrating a milestone within the redrafting of the Transient Vendor License city ordinance voted on this year that will include 2 Inn Street Artisan Designated licenses beginning in 2018, it falls far short of what we feel this city should be required to have, as far as artisan representation.The merchants on Inn Street are about to conduct a tribute and a celebration of this movement as it now rises out of its birth and infant shadows of Yankee Homecoming. If all goes accordingly it will continue to move in the direction of its planned 2017 execution that aims at conducting several other shows before the year is out on our own. This is why this vote is very significant.
In a year in which the State of Massachusetts bestowed Newburyport with the honorable “Historic and Cultural District Designation”, its about time the local artisan industry is recognized for its possible economic contributions to the city as well as many other benefits that the artisans bring to Inn Street and the surrounding community.
As a coordinator of these market shows I do NOT seek financial compensation for the organizing and promotion of these shows. I do it primarily because I believe they are a vital necessity to not only the artisans but to Inn Street and the community as a whole. As the only current Transient Vendor Licensed artisan in the city, I also do it to ensure that my operation continues to be as successful as it can by selling my products in the accompaniment of other artisans. This is how it benefits me personally beyond any principled beliefs I may have.
Therefore, whatever donated ‘fee’s that are raised via the artisans will go to beneficiary’s. HOWEVER, I do not want these donated fees ($100.00 daily or $250.00 for the three days) to be a deterrent for doing the show. ANY artisan that wishes to participate is welcomed regardless of its ability to make the donated fee, providing there is room and space available. Please check in with me if you have any questions regarding this.
As of right now I am working on obtaining safety ‘sign offs’ from police, fire and dwp. I am also doing what is necessary in obtaining a 2 million liability insurance coverage.
If you have replied to my previous updates with an interest in this show and I have not replied to you personally as of yet, please be patient and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
This labor day weekend we will pay tribute to this movement and we will do it by introducing its first ‘Artisan Revival Benefit” by launching a go fund me campaign for Newburyport’s own Artist of an era gone by, Titus Blade Steele.
Titus Blade Steele
For those of you who knew and continue to know Titus, introductions are not necessary to reiterate what kind of artist and person that Titus is. In all my days of working and getting to know this town and its artist, there has been none more deserving of this tribute in time of need, as Titus Blade Steele. if you do not know of this man, nor his recent plight, I implore you to become aware of it. What you have in this city today you owe partly to him.
Please do whatever you can to help this cause. If you cant then please share it so that those that can,…will.
Next, the Inn Street Artisans Revival will be introducing on Labor Day weekend its own beneficiary Fund. This fund is being created to help finance whatever it will take to establish an Artisans Market on Inn Street, and continue to maintain it AND its surrounding property renovations and maintenance. There will be much more to include in the current state of this project in the near future.
Artisans Revival Project (Still under construction)
I will end this update with some tidbits of information that I am currently working on in shaping the Labor Day Artisans Revival show, outside of some encouraging movement from the city clerk, Richard Jones (himself a well known artist in Newburyport) and Councilor Vogel.
I have made contact recently with Kathy Heywood. Some of you may remember her as the one that last attempted to put forth a labor day festival in Newburyport.
Newburyport Labor Day Fest
This festival lasted three years and there were some great things that came from this. Unfortunately things change, and we will be learning from these changes and applying them to future shows in order to learn and grow from. Thank You Kathy for planting the seeds and for all your interest and dedication towards making some thing like this happen. This labor Day show is dedicated to what you originally created!
Secondly. I have made contact with Bridget Chapman. She is the reporter with WREG News Memphis, that first broke the recent story and re-discovered Titus Blade Steele on the front lawn with all his worldly possessions of his recent eviction.
I have notified her of the labor Day benefit show and of the Titus GoFund me project. She is very excited to see what is happening here and awaiting the progress of the labor day benefit in order to do a follow up.
We are poised to celebrate and pay tribute.
All that stands in the way now is 11 votes of the Newburyport City Council on Monday August 28th at 7:30 PM.
As far as I am concerned, this needs not be a barrier. It comes down to each and every ONE of US.
The Artisans Revival is a commitment and obligation to its local working class citizens within the community which stresses INCLUSION OF THE INDIVIDUAL ARTIST AND WORKING CLASS (local mom/pop small business) ABOVE ALL.
Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Inn Street Artisans Revival – Facebook
Artisans bring lively revival to Inn Street
By Jim Sullivan Staff writer Aug 1, 2017
Merchants, business leaders high on Yankee Homecoming
By Dyke Hendrickson Staff Writer Aug 8, 2017
Newburyport Daily News Editorial; As I See It Jack Garvey
‘No No Nantucket’
Newburyport Daily News; Yankee Homecoming Planning its 60th Year
Newburyport Daily News – Home Grown Festival
Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events
Artisan Revival Library Presentation

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