Inn Street Artisans Revival Update 7.20.17

Dear Friends of the Revival,

You are receiving this email because you are participating in the 2017 Inn Street Artisans Revival, or you have shown interest in this event.

* Donation Goal $10,000.00 Reached; Revival Expansion

* Guidelines; Set-Up/Breakdown

* Kudos to Supporters and Volunteers

* WNBP Local Pulse – Sat 7.22.17

This update will deal primarily with the Guidelines for the upcoming show beginning Saturday July 29th, 2017.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to state for the record that we are now heading down the final stretch of booking vendors and I am happy to announce that we are now shy of only $600.00 of reaching this year’s goal of $10,000.00 in donations by artisans towards the cost of this years 60th anniversary of the Yankee Homecoming Festival. HuuRAH!

This is a big deal. Congratulations to each and every one of you that has contributed to this historic event! We have stood together and have demonstrated that together, WE can pay our part and have earned our right of participation. This has been a year in which Newburyport and local artisans have stood up, been heard, and are now poised to make our mark and statement on Inn Street and the Newburyport community. Even though there is still lots of room for improvement, the ISAR is bigger and better this year as promised. This years vendors will now be stretching from one end of Inn Street to the other featuring over 40 artisans, culinary vendors, non profit humanitarians, and musicians!


As you may be aware of, as outlandish and ridiculous as that may sound, festivals have become an ‘issue’ this year in Newburyport. The Inn Street Artisans Revival has been created to not only give the artisans an opportunity to pay for the festival, to earn revenue from the festival, but to DEMONSTRATE HOW A FESTIVAL SHOULD BE PLANNED and EXECUTED!

Let’s show Newburyport HOW IT IS DONE and when it is done right, HOW IT BENEFITS THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY!!


Here are the guidelines to this year’s show.

Guidelines; Set Up/Breakdown

Set Up
Everyone who is booked for Saturday July 29th, is invited and encouraged to set up Friday evening, July 28th, after 5 PM. I will be available at the Inn St Stage to assign spaces.
If you choose not to set up Friday night, second set up begins at 7 am Saturday July 29th.
I will be available at the inn St Stage to assign spaces then as well.
Loading lane will be the curb along Inn Street parking lot (Access to parking lot is Green Street or Water Street).
Set up time for any given day begins at 7AM. 
I will be available at my vendor space (Red Art Cart – Spirit of Newburyport – across from Simply Sweet and adjacent the stage) to assign spaces.
Parking in the Inn street parking lot is free on Friday evening.
The lot is available on Saturday at .50 hour.
I do not know at the moment if there is a limit.
Alternative parking is available in the waterfront lots off Water Street behind the Firehouse and Custom House.
All vendors MUST be set up and have all tent space cleared of packaging and transporting gear and debris by 10:00 AM each day.
For those booked all week, If you are not able to open your booth on any given day for any reason,
Please make sure you can get coverage. If not, then please contact me to let me know.
If weights are not available, then you must be responsible for an alternative method of securing your tent.
Inn Street is known for sudden burst of wind, such as last year’s mini micro burst, that ended with one tent in the fountain.
Let’s NOT have a repeat of this! Not only is this embarrassing and potentially devastating for a vendor, but it is dangerous due to the amount of children in the area. Sp PLEASE HEED this call to anchor your tents!
If your tent is not secured I will ask you to secure it..or break it down.
No Exceptions!
I have been an outside vendor on Inn Street for eight years. Wind and rain are the main elements to deal with.
I watch the Doppler very carefully. Even though I missed one downpour last year,…(i’m usually pretty good at calling approaching weather), you can pretty much count on me to get the word out prior to any abrupt thunderstorm.
You are able to leave your tent set up overnight.
Leave product and materials at your own discretion.
5 PM. All vendors are invited to remain open and on Inn Street after the closing hour of 5 PM.
Inn Street is a hopping place at night during Yankee Homecoming….and many vendors stayed open and took full advantage of it last year. It is the slowest between 5-6:30. It picks up after dinner, and is busy between 8-9PM.
Keep in mind, that this year we will have three food vendors on Inn Street and featuring the ‘Inn Street Early Evening Music and Performance Series” between 6-8Pm. So I am expecting a decent crowd during dinner hours.
Schedules will be posted on social media and web sites, as well as printed leaflets of all music performances and artisan listings. These notifications and schedules should be posted shortly on the YankeeHomecoming web site shortly;
Inn Street Artisans Revival
There are public restrooms located next to the Information Booth on Water Street next to the Pop Up Park (just beyond the Firehouse Theatre)
There are also bathrooms in the Firehouse (downstairs from the lobby)
You may also find a restroom in Richdales (corner of state and pleasant streets)
as well as Starbucks on the corner of state and liberty.
I will have spaces assigned (hopefully)……by this coming weekend.
PLEASE LET ME KNOW, and you can come down to Inn Street and meet me prior to the show.


Again, I would like to remind everyone that this is the INN STREET ARTISANS REVIVAL during Yankee Homecoming. Please be sure to include the name of this event in any and all promotion of your vending operation!

You are here and have this opportunity not only because of the Yankee Homecoming event, but because of the many artisans that have come forward, stood up, and have made their claim. So honor yourself AND them, and include the name of this event in any and all of your marketing and promotions!



Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those, named or unnamed, that have supported, volunteered, and contributed to co-creating this event, and for all those that have put up with my insanity once again! THANK YOU. Kudos to Kat Couree, Ben Twombly, Amy Sciuto, Alex Adrian, John T, Jack Garvey and Barry Siegel, for all your support and work throughout the year. Special thanks to Patrick Ryan and Steve DiNunzio for ‘Standing Up”, and to the great volunteer work in marketing and promotion by Sandra Turner for ‘Stepping Up”!!!! HuuuRah!


WNBP Radio Interview 7.22.17

Please join Sandra Turner (Plumislander Art) and myself (Spirit of Newburyport) for a radio interview as guest on of Joe Dibiase and the Local Pulse radio show on WNBP Saturday morning at 9 a.m. for a discussion on the Inn Street Artisans Revival and the 60th anniversary of Yankee Homecoming!


Over and out for now…..

If anyone has any questions or comments, or if I have forgotten anything pertinent up to this point, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

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