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Dear Friends of the Revival,
As you may be aware of, there are a lot of elements regarding the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival that may not be directly connected to the festival itself, but that of an ongoing battle for opportunities for artisans in Newburyport year round. least, as coordinator of the Revival, that is my long term goal.
One of these elements has to do with the current state of the Transient Vendors Licensing for Inn Street. In my last update, I began to fill you in on the current re-drafting of the city ordinance pertaining to the TVL, and how the lastest version included an ‘Artisan Designation’ for the first time in Newburyport City History.  This is a big deal considering the lack of ‘art’ in the city government’s overall conversation. This designation was pushed due to public comment on behalf of four artisans that showed up for public input during the preceding meetings, in which Councilman Jared Eigerman made an amendment to the final draft.
I’m happy to inform you that on May 30th, at about 10:00 PM, the City Council voted in favor for the final draft of the city ordinance authored by councilman Jared Eigerman, including an amendment that would give an ‘Artisan Designation’  to ONE TVL for Inn Street for the first time in the city’s history.
Even though this is a long overdue accomplishment, in my view, as well as others there that came forth for public comment, its not enough, by far. An attempt for an amendment to the original amendment by City Councilman Bruce Vogel to increase the total number of licenses issued to Inn Street to four, with TWO Artisan Designations, fell short by one vote. 6-5. This added amendment was supported by all three members of the License and Permit oversight committee, Council members Bruce Vogel, Joseph Devlin and Gregory Earls. Two additional city council members, Councilman Tontar and Councilman Cameron, also voted in favor of the additional licenses and designations.
Voting against was councilman Eigerman, Cronin, Zeid, O’Brien, Giunta, and Connell.
Councilman Jared Eigerman stated publically that he would continue to work with me on what he refereed to as my ‘artist-cluster’ idea for next spring. Why is it so hard for people to say ‘ARTISAN MARKET’ in this town?????
I am including some email exchanges made after the vote;
On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 9:47 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Councilmen,
Firstly, I feel I can, will, and continue to speak on behalf of all the artisans of Newburyport, and say THANK YOU for rising and taking a stand for artisan designation (whether it’s for one, two, or however many) within the TVL city ordinance of Newburyport. After many years of hearing the word ‘ART’ fall on deaf ears within the rooms of Newburyport City Hall, it was, and will continue to be, a real joy to finally have and see this discussion take place.
IMO, its far far overdue.
So much so, that this conversation is just the beginning. I feel it is only fair to let you know that a very large contingency is now being gathered in support of a petition that will be bringing to light a very different view that has been brought before City Council by retail owners Claudia Harris and Amy Tremblay petition, and the perspective backed by New England Development in the past. In our view, it is this misguided perception that is being embraced by fellow councilmen in regards to the trepidation of brick and mortar business to embrace local artisans on Inn Street, or other places within the D.O.D.. This short sighted perspective continues to paint a faulty view of local downtown creative economic impact of the area that not only falls short of improved shopper influx on the area, but actually serves as a detriment to local, downtown economics.
Studies have continued to provide information that for every dollar spent on art, ten dollars are made by surrounding local brick and mortar business, especially if the avenues for such are planned and executed successfully. This is a FACT.
(This paragraph is being edited and updated to:
Studies have continued to provide information that for every dollar invested in art, ten-thirty dollars are returned to the local economy, especially if the avenues for such are planned and executed successfully. This is a FACT.
The main problem as I have seen it is that the festivals and other avenues of artisan participation on the downtown local economics fail in their planning and execution of festivals and other related activities.
The question I have for council members and surrounding local retails shops is this;
What does the terribly underutilized area of the Inn Street mall that serves for nothing other than skateboarders, bicycles, monkey bars, a children’s splash pad, a playground and schoolyard, do for the local economics of Inn Street?
Coming from someone who has sat down on Inn Street for over ten years, I can personally tell you in my opinion for whats its worth,…absolutely nothing more than a hotdog and an ice cream cone. The Inn Street mall serves as a vital heartbeat of the downtown economics,..and you are losing it as testified by the fearful outcry of retailers and the constant merry go round of empty retail outlets. I for one am sick and tired of hearing, ‘But what about the brick and mortar business?'”
I personally extend a personal invitation to any council member to come join me one sunny afternoon at my art cart and hang out for a while to get a close up and personal view of exactly what it is I am referring to here.
Unfortunately, this perspective continues to fall on deaf ears and I, and many others, will continue to call for your attention to this matter in order for it to be rectified as soon as possible before there are too many other casualties of a failed business model being perpetrated by those that do not, and will not ever, support a local creative economy as they should.
If Councilman Robert Cronin wants to make a legitimate run for Mayor, I hope he will accept my invitation. I fully expect this issue to ultimately be a determining factor in this year’s campaign for Newburyport’s next Mayor.
I too have confidence in Councilman Jared Eigerman’s integrity and believe he will continue to work with us on this matter.
In closing for now, I would like to ask two more questions;
Who were the yes and no votes for the amendment for additional artisan designation TVL’s?
And, Was a final vote taken on the redrafting of the TVL city ordinance taken Tuesday Night? If so, What was the Result?
I would appreciate it if you could forward the answers to these questions for me.
Once again, THANK YOU for working and taking a very tall stand on this issue.
Best Regards,
John Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
As we’ve discussed, I am committed to working with you on the cluster-of-artisans idea.  In the short term, we need to get this ordinance on the books for 2018.
The artisans and I have plenty of time to go to the larger downtown community about the cluster idea before next spring.
On Jun 1, 2017, at 10:06 AM, xxxxxxxxx wrote:

See answers below, in RED.

Who were the yes and no votes for the amendment for additional artisan designation TVL’s?  I’m not sure.  There were so many amendments made on the floor to the TVL ordinance (it was passed – see below), that I lost track.  We’ll get the vote in our next package so I can tell you then.  I would say that any “no” votes were in deference to the Ward 2 councilor’s vote, as he is the one who would field complaints.  So, if he is willing to work  with you on expanding  it, I think the others who voted “no” would come along, too.  Your arguments above are persuasive.
And, Was a final vote taken on the redrafting of the TVL city ordinance taken Tuesday Night? If so, What was the Result?  Yes.  It was passed.  It will have a second reading and then become an ordinance.  I don’t think it will wipe out the licenses currently issued for this year, but it will become effective for next year’s licenses.
Obviously I have lots more to say on this topic and it is far from being over, even this year. There are certain conditions that are STILL being called into question regarding the TVL, especially seeing that two public request were made for license and one application filed and reviewed BY ARTISANS and ALL THREE were denied in favor of a hotdog stand….which has STILL failed to claim its spot on Inn Street.
To this date NO OTHER license issued for 2017 has shown up on Inn Street other than myself. This has been the last straw and if nothing is done about this shortly, you can bet that this is far from being over for THIS YEAR. There can be absolutely no legitimate reason why after all that has been said and done over the past year that three artisans are to be denied licensing only to be given to food vendors that have not yet made a presence on Inn Street in 2017. I have emails readied to be launched to the City Council if there is no other presence made by the issued licenses by Friday June 9th, 2017.
To make it even a greater tragedy, the entire reason WHY the city ordinance was redrafted in the FIRST place last year was due to a complaint made by New England Development on my ‘unmanned cart’. A Ridiculous claim to even begin with. Since when has Newburyport Developement been designated ‘Guardians of Inn Street’?
I hope that people on this mailing list understand on what this has to do with the Revival, and just how significant it is. I understand that some vendors just want to come to the festival, sell their art and have a good time. I do too. You can still do that and no one is telling anyone that they have to get involved politically or do anything other than just come to the festival and participate.
However, for those that understand the deeper ramifications on the Revival and just WHY the Revival came to be in the first place, then there is no reason to even elaborate further. It is self evident, but I will continue to use this mailing list to explain these ramifications on not just the artisans themselves, but how this lack of artist support is affecting the city as a whole.
The fact that an artisan designation, however limited, has now officially become part of Newburyport’s TVL city ordinance is a testament that an Artisans Revival is alive and well in Newburyport. If you think this is insignificant, then stick around some.
We are just getting started.
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Best Regards,

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