Revival; Musical/Street Performers

Dear Friends and Participants of the Artisans Revival,
You are receiving this email due to your request or interest in the musical and street performer element of the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival. If you have ended up on this list by mistake, or if you choose to no longer receive these updates, please reply with ‘REMOVE” in the subject line.
This update and notice has been initially sent to the ‘Musical and Street performer’ list of the Revival, but wanted to forward it to the Artisans as well in case any of you are interested or have friends that are willing to participate in this segment of the Inn Street Artisans Revival as well.
The Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Stage is now under the direction of the Inn Street Artisans Revival. For the past few months I have been collecting a talent pool of performers that have been interested in participating initially in the Revival segment beginning on Saturday, July 30th, 2016 thru August 7th. The Inn Street stage is being conducted and designed to be utilized as a ‘complimentary’ stage to the main Market Square stage. In other words, what we don’t want to create, as in years past, is a ‘conflict in sound’ between the two stages, especially due to their close proximity. There has also been concern among some brick and mortar businesses of the area in regards to ‘sound reverberation’. These conflicts have stymied the Inn Street Stage and its musical performances in the past few years. The effort of the Revival is to instead of phasing out and allowing the Inn Street musical portion of Yankee Homecoming to fizzle out and die altogether, is try to REVIVE IT, and give it some new life with a fresher and more logistical approach.
As someone who is exposed to the many great musical buskers of the year, I can attest to the many talented performers I see day after day who make their presence known by ‘singing and playing from the heart’. This is what I am after, and looking for when I am looking to book talent for the Inn Street stage. After the year of marketing and promoting for this segment of Yankee Homecoming, I am convinced that we can indeed ‘revive’ the Inn Street Stage and not only book it as a ‘complimentary’ performance stage, but to begin to turn the tide into a main source for some great alternative musical acts that are not available to be seen nor heard through the other musical stages of the Yankee Homecoming lineup.
We feel the best way to INITIALLY do this is to;
1. limit the performance times to the ‘break down and set up’ times conducted by the main Market Square stage, (Half Hour performances) to begin with DURING THE MARKET SQUARE PERFORMANCES ONLY. Once the Market square performwnces are over for the day then we will have a different approach to scheduling.
2. present the inn street stage without any sound system or to be limited to under 50 watt amplification
3. have no more the two instruments amped at any one time, with NO BASS OR PERCUSSION’S. INITIALLY.
The scheduling for the Inn Street Sage will begin on Saturday 30th. We are looking to debut the Revival on that day even though most Yankee Homecoming events as well as musical performances are not scheduled to begin until Sunday, July 31st.
If you look at the Market Square Stage Schedule (link below), you will see the performance times. Performances are scheduled to run for one hour beginning at 11:00 A.M. till 5PM daily. At the end of the hour there will be a fifteen minute time allotment for breakdown of existing set, then a fifteen minute set up time allotment for the next performance. This half hour hour slot will be for scheduling Inn Street performances. However, you will note that not all time slots have been filled, and I would expect that not all slots will be filled by the start of the festival.
Downtown Entertainment Schedule
So this is how I would like to approach scheduling for the Inn Street Stage. I would like to begin with everyone forwarding as many days and time slots as they would prefer and capable of playing from July 30th to August 7th. I will then go from there to see how many of the slots I can fill. I would like to limit the slots initially to TWO a day. In other words, the initial limit (subject to change) for any one performer will be TWO, ONE HALF HOUR performances during the allotted time schedules daily. So, since the Market square performances begin at 11 am, I would like to begin the ‘morning’ portion of the performances on Inn Street at 10 AM. These would be very mellow, instrumental, piano, guitar or new age genre of music. This morning segment will be for a full hour. Then, seeing the first performance is scheduled at Market Sq at 11-12:00 noon. the second time slot would be from 12:00 noon to 12:30 PM. The next at 1:30-2:00 PM. See how that works according to the market square Stage schedule? Now, as far as the evening portion of the Inn Street Stage, I would like to see performances going all through the evening until 9 PM seeing that there will be less conflicts with both stages and brick and mortar businesses. So if you are available to play during the evening, the schedule is open at this particular time. Please keep in mind that this is a first time event and things will have to be adjusted and tweaked as it goes along. But it is also a great opportunity to get in on a first time event that may have a great opportunity of becoming an annual event with opportunity’s for paid performances beginning next year. If I remain as coordinator of the Revival for next year, you have my promise that this is going to be my main goal for the musical and street performing segment of the Inn Street Artisans Revival 2017.
One last point regarding the Inn Street Stage. An effort is being made to change up the feel, look and flow of the Inn Street Stage by creating an ‘Inn Street COURT and MUSICAL STAGE/TENT’. These alterations are just now being put forth as we enter the actual layout of all booked artisans and musical performances. The idea is to create a non-liner flow of traffic (Not just up and down Inn Street) but criss-crossing back and forth from the plaza and Byron’s courtyard. The first adjustment will be the location of the stage itself that may be set forward some from its original placement further back in the Plaza. This will give performers the ability to play directly to the passing crowd as the walk up and down Inn Street. If however you succeed in drawing a crowd that prefers to either sit at the fountain stairs or dance in the plaza, you will be able to directly face them there. Alongside the stage will be the ‘Musical Artisans Tent’ that hopefully will be manned by volunteers to peddle your ‘Music wares, c.d.’s, collect names and contacts for mailing list etc etc.”.
The other addition will be the placement of two food vending operations, the ‘Greek Church’ and Otto’s Pizza set back off the main Inn Street Pedestrian walkway (behind the Stage) and set in relative proximity to the stage in order to further create the concept of a ‘Courtyard’. This is designed to ‘draw’ people in off of Inn Street and invite them to ‘hang out’ and listen to the music. There are also plans to provide a limited number of ‘patio’ tables and chairs adjacent to the Stage area.
Across the stage area and adjacent to the food vendors, and alongside the back part of the fountain, will be a children’s workshop tent and table, an arty ( There is also an invite out to WBNP radio to add to the courtyard placement. WNBP radio has been regular over the years on Inn Street doing live broadcast from their Inn Street Location. I am currently waiting to hear from the main director as to whether or not to accept this years invitation to participate in the first Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival. Regardless, plans for an alternative radio or internet broadcast is being made. The idea would be to have a source for live broadcast for music and interviews to be conducted from the Inn Street Stage Court.
Please keep in kind that every effort is going to be made for a complete listing of scheduled performers and times to be listed prior to the event on the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival page;
So, in short, that’s it for this version of the first Inn Street Artisans Music and Performers Update for now. As you can see this is just the beginning and we are looking forward to creating an event that will ultimately be one of Yankee Homecomings highlights.
Thanks for your support and continued interest in the Revival. if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or ideas to contribute to this portion of the program Id be very interested in hearing about your ideas. Please check us out online and in the recently published full color Yankee Homecoming program book, as well as all the informative links below to gain a better understanding on the who, whats, wheres and when’s of the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival!!
Please get back to me ASAP with your request for days and times of your performances. Thank you!
Also, please forward any and all information regarding your act so that I can utilize this information in all press release, web page and marketing outlets.
Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
32 Water Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events

Artisan Revival Library Presentation

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