Newburyport Harbor


One of the best selling images I’ve done over the years is the classic ‘Newburyport Harbor”. The best to date has been “Newburyport Harbor 2010” (above) with over 100 prints sold and widely used and distributed throughout the community. It hasn’t been easy in capturing this shot, with many many days of sky-watching and radar monitoring. Chasing rainbows is a little like ‘storm chasing’. Countless runs to the top of the bridge has been made over the years with more disappointments and misses than hits. A lot of people think that capturing a rainbow over the harbor is pure luck. I assure you, it’s not.

I have more stories of heartbreak, than success.

But on those rare occasions when the heavens open up and the opportunity¬†to capture that brief moment of celestial magic, the¬†efforts pay off in one solitary ‘Newburyport Minute’.

So it was on June 17th.

Introducing ‘Newburyport Harbor 2016’.



Newburyport Harbor 2016


Newburyport Harbor 2016


Newburyport Harbor 2015



Newburyport Harbor 2013


Newburyport Harbor 2007


Newburyport Harbor 2009


Newburyport Harbor 2006