Artisan Revival Library Presentation

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival Newburyport Public Library presentation on June 8th, 2016.

Featured Photograph (Above);  John Brown with the backdrop of Jack Frost’s Yankee Homecoming program book cover of 1958. Jack Frost was the artist that first envisioned the Yankee Homecoming Festival in Newburyport. In 2013, John had the honor of creating the cover of the Yankee Homecoming program book as a tribute to the original creator of Yankee Homecoming, as well as the artist of the very first Yankee Homecoming program book cover in 1958.

See; Tribute to Jack Frost for more information. This page tells the story.

“I believe its important to remember, embrace and to pay tribute to original visions when so many times the visions manifest themselves, but the artist behind them are often disregarded, forgotten or overshadowed by corporate sponsors and political motives by others over the years. The principals of such visions must be upheld and given due credit to the visionaries that created them in order to remember and embrace the principals in which they were created for in the first place.

            I hope that this special tribute to Jack Frost and the creators of the first Yankee Homecoming in many ways serves as a reminder of these principals and sets an example to never forget, nor undermine the artist contributions to community, heritage and history, as well as their visions for the future.”

John Brown – 2013


Lucy’s Love Bus parked outside the Newburyport Public Library, prior to the Inn Street Artisan Revival Presentation on June 8th, 2016. Lucy’s Love Bus will be the first non-profit and humanitarian featured exhibit during the Artisans Revival on Saturday July 30th, 2016. There will be a special ‘children’s art project’ fundraiser during the day.

Read more about Lucy’s Love Bus here.


John Brown (photo above) during the library introduction to the Artisans Revival. John believes the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival has stemmed from a ‘community concept’ first presented at the Newburyport Library in 2006 in an exhibit  entitled, Newburyport; An American Perspective.

From the Spirit of Newburyport’s website – 2006

Newburyport: An American Perspective ’ is a contemporary concourse designed to serve as a model for establishing a new modern day paradigm in personal and community development. It is an expression of the current state of the American Dream, a dream that the artist feels was once the pride and aspiration of all Americans and the envy of the rest of the world. It is a social call for a community movement, to once again answer the call as wayfarer’s, and lead a restoration of the American Dream through personal and community empowerment, at a time in which world events threaten to destroy the very fiber of the American way of life as we know it.

It is also intended to confront some of the most current and pressing issues facing our country today such as personal dis-empowerment, rampant development and globalization, social unconsciousness, political and corporate corruption, corporate outsourcing, and continued degradation of civil liberties in exchange for security, that may all be contributing factors to the so-called ‘decline of American values’.

Come join us in a celebratory event of the enduring American spirit that can spark a social consciousness that has the potential to reek across our nation once again, like that of burning teas.”



‘Big Ben’ Twombly, speaking on behalf of the Historical role in the Inn Street Artisans Revival, on ‘tapping into the co-creative power of infinite possibilities and imaginative lifestyle’.


Beecher Grogan, director of Lucy’s Love Bus – Speaking on behalf of the Artisan Revival Non-Profit and Humanitarian Groups.

“Lucy Grogan was 8 years old when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Throughout Lucy’s long illness, concerned individuals like you raised money to help support Lucy. Lucy learned about the benefits of integrative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, art therapy, and therapeutic horseback riding during her treatment.

When Lucy was 11, she told her mother that when she was “done with cancer” she wanted to start a program that would provide free integrative therapies to all children with cancer to help manage the side effects and late effects of traditional cancer treatment. Since 2006, our generous supporters have helped us deliver love and comfort to over 500 children with cancer.”


The ‘Ah Ha Moment’…That moment when the realization becomes evident as to what the conversation should really be about on Inn Street during  Yankee Homecoming. It has taken almost sixty years for the local artisans to have a chance to not only sponsor a local economic based festival, but the opportunity to benefit economically as well. The Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival should be the first for the next sixty years to come.


John Brown (Above) – MacDonald’s and the Inn Street Blues.
“The Straw that broke the Inn Street Yankee Homecoming corporate sponsored back, and the catalyst for the Inn Street Artisans Revival.”
From the Newburyport Daily News – August 2015;
“My concern is the so-called corporatization of Yankee Homecoming,” Sweethaven Gallery and Studio owner Greg Nikas said. “I understand that Yankee Homecoming needs to make money in order to put on these events, particularly the fireworks. But my feeling when I saw the McDonald’s stand was of one of total disbelief and disgust. McDonald’s does not belong on Inn Street in any way, shape or form.”
A Newburyport resident since 1991, Nikas has been in his Inn Street photo studio location for the past eight years and while he said he appreciates what Yankee Homecoming brings to the city each summer, this year’s crop of promotional kiosks — including the fast food giant’s booth and two home improvement companies aggressively soliciting pedestrians — do not fit in with Yankee Homecoming’s original intent.
“People feel they are being assaulted out here,” Nikas said. “It’s like running a gauntlet”. They can’t walk by without these people jumping in their face and sticking a brochure in front of them. That’s not in the spirit of Yankee Homecoming. And Macdonalds with their big monstrous booth looming over Inn Street, people are really annoyed by this.”
Greg Nikas was present at the library presentation and spoke on behalf of the small creative business’s that are directly effected by past misguided policy and priorities. Unfortunately no one took a picture of Greg during the presentation but, as always, Greg will continue to speak out. Thank you Greg for your service this year for the Newburyport Artwalk, and your pictures and coverage of the library presentation on behalf of the Inn Street Artisans Revival.


Sandra Turner – Speaking on behalf as a Revival Representative, and what it means to be a sponsor of the first time event; the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival 2016.

Sandra was asked to represent the artisans because her own “personal transformative decision” to launch a new, creative, and personally fulfilling venture, “PlumIslander Art & Design”, coinciding with the launch of the first time event, the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival.

‘An honor and a pleasure to be part of something that is innovative and exciting!”

Sandra Turner – June 8th, 2016


Sandra Turner’s newly published Color Book available at the Inn Street Artisans Revival


John Tavano; speaking on behalf of the Artisans Revival Musicians

“Events like this allow the residents of Newburyport, as well as visitors to our city, the experience of seeing and hearing the high artistic level of this community.”

John Tavano – June 8th, 2016


Dan Potocki, speaking on behalf of the Inn Street Artisans Revival Street performers;

One and Only Chance to get it right’


Time out for a little magic trick demonstration


Still got my thumbs!


Reunion; Adrian and Brown , a decade after Newburyport; An American Perspective.


                                                    Dedication to Ted Kyrios

“I was saddened deeply to hear of Teds passing. My interest in this city began with him, and I owe him a great deal of gratitude. Ted Kyrios did a slide show on the history of Newburyport during that first presentation, and provided images taken in 1976 of Inn Street (Inn Street Pheonix – above) and Market Square during the bi-centennial celebration of America. I will never forget these first few days in which I look back on now as setting sail on a remarkable discovery.”

John Brown – 2015


Alex Adrian – Speaking on Personal, Small Business, and Corporate Transformation , ten years after being part of the presentation – Newburyport; An American Perspective.

“…Personal transformation is the source of it all.  That is where it begins without a doubt.  I encourage everyone to look at what their own opportunities are for personal transformation and growth and then see where they can contribute to the community in the spirit of love and service.  That’s it.”
Alex Adrian – June 8th 2016

Read more here for the whole story; Reflections on Ten Years 




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