Artisans Revival Update #4

Dear Friends and Participants of the Artisans Revival,

The Artisans Revival continues to grow, despite the focus on my own work and pre-occupation over the past couple weeks dealing with the Memorial Day Spring Festival, the arrival of the tall ships El Galeon and the Lynx. This update includes several new participants and volunteers on the list.

Welcome to the Revival!

If you have landed on this email list and would like to be removed for whatever reason, please respond with ‘Remove’ in the subject line. Thank you.

I am happy to announce that the Spirit of Newburyport kiosk is now back out on Inn Street for the beginning of its seventh season. Its was good to see some Revival participants during the Spring Fest and holiday weekend.

You may also know that this past Saturday marked the debut of the Inn Street Fountain and splash pad. Even though its great to see renovations being done and efforts to re-vitalize the area being brought forth, personally, I have reservations on whether or not this project will be a benefit to Inn Street and a vital economic boost for the surrounding area. At this point, I simply do not see it. I have wanted to put out a blog update regarding the completion of the project, but decided that it was in the best interest to postpone it until after the ribbon cutting ceremony. My concerns range from safety of the children, ambiance and peace of the area, to its economic impact (or lack thereof), as well as prospects for a more permanent artisans market. Now that the initial opening festivities have past, I will indeed be following up with a blog update regarding this project, and the rest of the Inn Street renovation and beautification project, (or again, lack thereof) in the time to come. So more on all that later.

For now I am going to stay focused on the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival, and give you a little preview on what will be in store during this Wednesday Night’s Premier Presentation at the Newburyport Library Program Room at 7 PM.

For starters, this presentation is only the beginning. I, as well as most volunteer members that I have been in contact with, have been totally out straight with personal projects. So, don’t expect a lot of pomp and bling. Besides, that’s not what the Revival is all about. It doesn’t need it, because it speaks volumes on its own regarding its core foundation and intention. But with that said, I’m very excited, as well as others, to finally be getting this show on the road, even if it is only a presentation of pre-views to come, and hear more about what it means to others.

One thing that will be clearly evident, is that the ideas and visions of the Revival have just begun. But what has now been openly discussed among the committee and chairman members, the volunteers, and myself, is the word ‘annual’ in relation to the Artisans revival. I find this very key,…and very exciting regarding any ‘pre-success’ of this event, given that it hasn’t happened yet. But, in many ways,…it already has. Just the fact that it has been born out of a vision, and you have responded to that vision speaks volumes. This will become more and more evident as time goes on. The ideas and visions for this event may or may not take root totally during the first year, but the seeds are being sown for growth. Growth and expansion on the initial possibilities that are now being brought forth. The Revival is about creation itself. Any ideas or visions that do not take root this year, will continue to grow and expand next year. It will all come down to each and every individual that comes forth and chooses to contribute to this collective creative process of a community event.

I have said it a few times lately. I don’t care if ten people show up at the library. The event will be documented and archived for future promotion and its seeds of passion of the individuals that have responded will continue to flourish and lay the framework for such an event to continue to grow and expand.

Many people continue to ask me what the Revival is all about. I have expounded on this a few times within these updates. What I find amazing is that it is constantly growing and expanding in concept, and frequently means something different to someone else. It will be very interesting to hear the different perspectives on Wednesday Night.

For me, I think I summed it up best in my last update when I used the definition of the word ‘Revival’ itself.

A resuscitation of something that is dying.

With that said, id like to take this opportunity to give you a little sneak preview of some of the volunteers and categories in which will be spoken of or supported by the presence of a silent witness. There may be a few additions by the time this presentation takes place, but for now I will just touch upon some of those that have agreed to step forward and claim their seat for the creation of the Revival platform.

First, I will be expanding on some of the concepts that were first put forth through a special art exhibit and speaker presentation at the Library ten years ago entitled ; Newburyport; A Contemporary Perspective. As mentioned before, the archives for this presentation can still be seen, and heard within my Spirit of Newburyport blog, here;

I will continue to expound on the concepts of group dynamics based on individual freedom of expression and creativity. I will also give a little background of my personal intimate experience as an artist on Inn Street now for the past ten years, and what has led me here to be a coordinator of the first Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival.

Speaking on behalf the Artisans themselves, I look forward to introducing Sandra Turner, a water-colorist and illustrator and owner of PlumIsland Art. She is introducing her own line of coloring books. Sandra is a former Art Director, member of the Newburyport Artist Association, and an instructor at the Artist Playground in Newburyport. I have found Sandra’s emerging business of Plumisland Art very akin and concurrent to that of the Artisans Revival and look forward to hearing her share a little regarding her personal experience. Sandra also participated in her first show on Inn Street just this past Memorial Day weekend. You may find more information about sandra and PlumIsland Art here;
Plumislander Art Blog

Boston Globe North Article:Sandra Turner invites people to color their world

Local Plum Island Artist Coloring Book Inspiration

Local Plum Island Artist Coloring Book Inspiration

Another speaker and staunch supporter of the Revival will be ‘Big Ben’ Twombly. You may have seen or heard Ben as a co-host on Evolvement Radio, alongside Micheal Bernier, the current Musical Director of Yankee Homecoming. Ben also works in restoration and property management. Ben is currently finding his voice and contribution to the Revival through the study of History and Law, and will be enlightening us on the historical significance of craftsmanship and peddling, and how it relates to the artisans market.

Another big aspect of the Artisans Revival is the music and entertainment on the Inn Street Stage. We are looking to incorporate a lot of diversity regarding this stage over time including performing arts, theater arts, poetry, demonstrations as well as music. Don Potocki, a magician and M.C. Host, will be offering some insight and ideas regarding his experiences, thoughts and correspondences on such topics.

One of my favorite performers around the Newburyport area for the past decade has been classical guitarist John Tavano. You may have recently seen him performing with his Spanish guitar on the deck of the El Galeon. John and I have been recently discussing some ideas reading the type of musical performances that could possibly be incorporated into the Inn Street Stage and how we can ‘upgrade’ the acts. What a lot of people may not know about John is that he is a great painter as well! I’m honored that John has decided to join us and look forward to what he has to say regarding the Revival.

This is just some of the supporters and contributors of the Revival that have chosen to stand up and step forward with their personal contributions and ideas including graphic artist and contributor to the Revival in many ways as well as the wonderful logos for the Revival, Kat Couree.

There will be others that will join us on Wednesday night and will seat themselves up front to offer their moral support and contribute to any questions and answers portion of the program, and I look forward to introducing each and every one of them. There may also be other developments and surprises ‘pending’. You never know. Perhaps there will be a portion for a ‘Revival Improv’!

Where this all goes still remains to be seen but I tip my hat to those that have answered the call and have stepped forward to claim a seat at the first public presentation of the first annual Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival. Personally I love traditions. I also love starting new ones. Perhaps this is the beginning of a yearly tradition in which artisans, musicians and contributors of the Revival come together for a ‘pre-view’ of whats to come for the coming year.

There will be many opportunities for promotion and marketing for the artisans, musicians, performers and demonstrators of the Revival. If you are new to the list of participants or have procrastinated on getting me your bios and promo material, please do. The more material I have to work with, the better it will be for all of us.

If you have contacted me or have talked to someone regarding the Revival and have not heard back yet, please be patient. The show is growing in leaps and bounds over the past few months and I am trying to get the personnel in place to handle it all, all while maintaining and focusing on my own business now that the season is in full swing. Most the focus in the beginning was booking the artisans. More attention is now beginning to be given to musicians, non-profits and humanitarian groups, performers, and demonstrators.

I hope I have gotten all the previous information correct. I wouldn’t be surprised to have to add an update to this update before tomorrow evening!

I’ve added some more links below for your ‘Revival Exploration’ ; )

Look for to seeing you tomorrow night!

Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
32 Water Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival


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