Inn Street Artisan Revival Update #3

Dear Friends and Participants of the 1st Annual Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival,
(Yes…you read that correctly. Indications of late have been about making this event an ANNUAL event!….I’m also working on shortening this title to simply,………. the ‘Revival! ; )
So after an incredibly busy and successful week preparing for this past Memorial Day weekend including the arrival of the Gileon and the Spring Festival, Im ready to re-focus on the Revival. Todays article in the daily News is timely.

Yankee Homecoming chairman plans new events

Also, Don’t forget next weeks Library presentation. I will be sending out an update specifically dealign with this presentastion and all the details. So please stay tuned this week for that.
Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival Public Presentation
John Brown, Artist and Owner of the Spirit of Newburyport, and coordinator of the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival, will host a public presentation to talk about the How’s, Whats, Whys, and Wheres of the Revival. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, June 8th from 7-8:45 PM at the Newburyport Public Library Program Room. There will also be representatives to speak on behalf of the Revival regarding the many different categories including Arts, Music, Non-Profit and Humanitarians, Children’s Creativity, Creative Small Business, and the Historical significance of the Inn Street Artisans Revival itself. There will be a ‘post presentation’ gathering after the event from 9-11PM, with the details to be announced.Please go to the Yankee Homecoming Web Site for more details on the Inn Street Artisans Revival.
It was great to see some Artisans of the Revival out on Inn Street and down on the boardwalk for this weekends activities. In the ten years that I have been in business and working Memorial Day weekend, I have to say that this was one of the busiest years with all the different events and art vending opportunities these events have created. Despite the extreme weather conditions my hats off to those that stuck it out and hope that it was all worth it to you! I have made tons of connections and will be following up the OVER 50% booking the Revival already has and foresee the rest of the show being booked up fairly quickly now that the season is in full swing and the Revival is now getting promotion and exposure.
This week I am back out on the harbor for the arrival of the lynx and getting ready for this weekends ribbon cutting for the Inn Street Fountain and restoration project. I have promised an update on this as well and should have that ready for you before this weekends activities. Its good that the construction has come to a close (for now) but there are far reaching implications and concerns that remain regarding this project and this will all be addressed in this update.
I have received some ‘featured’ material for some artisans but not nearly as much as I expected or needed so please take advantage of this. This material is VERY IMPORTANT and will not only be used for these updates, but also for the complete listing and information put forth by the Yankee Homecoming Revival web page, and all the print material, media, and press releases to come. So please take advantage of this. This is YOUR Revival, your street, and your opportunity to make your mark on the largest and longest festival in New England. Take advantage of it!
Ive also expanded on the links below for more information. Check them out if you haven’t had the chance yet. Some interesting read for sure.
I will continue to cover all of this in the updates ahead, and remember, Wednesday, June 8th, Newburyport Library…be there!
I have not had a chance to update this mailing list in almost two weeks, but all updates will be posted on my blog and will be archived for future access.
till then, thank you, stay tuned…..pass this update along,…… and more to come soon!
John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
32 Water Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
www.spiritofnewburyport.comYankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

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