Inn Street Artisans Revival Update 7.20.17

Dear Friends of the Revival,

You are receiving this email because you are participating in the 2017 Inn Street Artisans Revival, or you have shown interest in this event.

* Donation Goal $10,000.00 Reached; Revival Expansion

* Guidelines; Set-Up/Breakdown

* Kudos to Supporters and Volunteers

* WNBP Local Pulse – Sat 7.22.17

This update will deal primarily with the Guidelines for the upcoming show beginning Saturday July 29th, 2017.

However, I would like to take this opportunity to state for the record that we are now heading down the final stretch of booking vendors and I am happy to announce that we are now shy of only $600.00 of reaching this year’s goal of $10,000.00 in donations by artisans towards the cost of this years 60th anniversary of the Yankee Homecoming Festival. HuuRAH!

This is a big deal. Congratulations to each and every one of you that has contributed to this historic event! We have stood together and have demonstrated that together, WE can pay our part and have earned our right of participation. This has been a year in which Newburyport and local artisans have stood up, been heard, and are now poised to make our mark and statement on Inn Street and the Newburyport community. Even though there is still lots of room for improvement, the ISAR is bigger and better this year as promised. This years vendors will now be stretching from one end of Inn Street to the other featuring over 40 artisans, culinary vendors, non profit humanitarians, and musicians!


As you may be aware of, as outlandish and ridiculous as that may sound, festivals have become an ‘issue’ this year in Newburyport. The Inn Street Artisans Revival has been created to not only give the artisans an opportunity to pay for the festival, to earn revenue from the festival, but to DEMONSTRATE HOW A FESTIVAL SHOULD BE PLANNED and EXECUTED!

Let’s show Newburyport HOW IT IS DONE and when it is done right, HOW IT BENEFITS THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY!!


Here are the guidelines to this year’s show.

Guidelines; Set Up/Breakdown

Set Up
Everyone who is booked for Saturday July 29th, is invited and encouraged to set up Friday evening, July 28th, after 5 PM. I will be available at the Inn St Stage to assign spaces.
If you choose not to set up Friday night, second set up begins at 7 am Saturday July 29th.
I will be available at the inn St Stage to assign spaces then as well.
Loading lane will be the curb along Inn Street parking lot (Access to parking lot is Green Street or Water Street).
Set up time for any given day begins at 7AM. 
I will be available at my vendor space (Red Art Cart – Spirit of Newburyport – across from Simply Sweet and adjacent the stage) to assign spaces.
Parking in the Inn street parking lot is free on Friday evening.
The lot is available on Saturday at .50 hour.
I do not know at the moment if there is a limit.
Alternative parking is available in the waterfront lots off Water Street behind the Firehouse and Custom House.
All vendors MUST be set up and have all tent space cleared of packaging and transporting gear and debris by 10:00 AM each day.
For those booked all week, If you are not able to open your booth on any given day for any reason,
Please make sure you can get coverage. If not, then please contact me to let me know.
If weights are not available, then you must be responsible for an alternative method of securing your tent.
Inn Street is known for sudden burst of wind, such as last year’s mini micro burst, that ended with one tent in the fountain.
Let’s NOT have a repeat of this! Not only is this embarrassing and potentially devastating for a vendor, but it is dangerous due to the amount of children in the area. Sp PLEASE HEED this call to anchor your tents!
If your tent is not secured I will ask you to secure it..or break it down.
No Exceptions!
I have been an outside vendor on Inn Street for eight years. Wind and rain are the main elements to deal with.
I watch the Doppler very carefully. Even though I missed one downpour last year,…(i’m usually pretty good at calling approaching weather), you can pretty much count on me to get the word out prior to any abrupt thunderstorm.
You are able to leave your tent set up overnight.
Leave product and materials at your own discretion.
5 PM. All vendors are invited to remain open and on Inn Street after the closing hour of 5 PM.
Inn Street is a hopping place at night during Yankee Homecoming….and many vendors stayed open and took full advantage of it last year. It is the slowest between 5-6:30. It picks up after dinner, and is busy between 8-9PM.
Keep in mind, that this year we will have three food vendors on Inn Street and featuring the ‘Inn Street Early Evening Music and Performance Series” between 6-8Pm. So I am expecting a decent crowd during dinner hours.
Schedules will be posted on social media and web sites, as well as printed leaflets of all music performances and artisan listings. These notifications and schedules should be posted shortly on the YankeeHomecoming web site shortly;
Inn Street Artisans Revival
There are public restrooms located next to the Information Booth on Water Street next to the Pop Up Park (just beyond the Firehouse Theatre)
There are also bathrooms in the Firehouse (downstairs from the lobby)
You may also find a restroom in Richdales (corner of state and pleasant streets)
as well as Starbucks on the corner of state and liberty.
I will have spaces assigned (hopefully)……by this coming weekend.
PLEASE LET ME KNOW, and you can come down to Inn Street and meet me prior to the show.


Again, I would like to remind everyone that this is the INN STREET ARTISANS REVIVAL during Yankee Homecoming. Please be sure to include the name of this event in any and all promotion of your vending operation!

You are here and have this opportunity not only because of the Yankee Homecoming event, but because of the many artisans that have come forward, stood up, and have made their claim. So honor yourself AND them, and include the name of this event in any and all of your marketing and promotions!



Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all those, named or unnamed, that have supported, volunteered, and contributed to co-creating this event, and for all those that have put up with my insanity once again! THANK YOU. Kudos to Kat Couree, Ben Twombly, Amy Sciuto, Alex Adrian, John T, Jack Garvey and Barry Siegel, for all your support and work throughout the year. Special thanks to Patrick Ryan and Steve DiNunzio for ‘Standing Up”, and to the great volunteer work in marketing and promotion by Sandra Turner for ‘Stepping Up”!!!! HuuuRah!


WNBP Radio Interview 7.22.17

Please join Sandra Turner (Plumislander Art) and myself (Spirit of Newburyport) for a radio interview as guest on of Joe Dibiase and the Local Pulse radio show on WNBP Saturday morning at 9 a.m. for a discussion on the Inn Street Artisans Revival and the 60th anniversary of Yankee Homecoming!


Over and out for now…..

If anyone has any questions or comments, or if I have forgotten anything pertinent up to this point, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Inn Street Artisans Revival – Facebook

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Tribute to Jack Frost

Inn Street Blues

Inn Street Artisans Market

Newburyport; An American Perspective

Stunning TVL Vote Reversal!

* TVL Vote Reversal
* Newburyport Flashbacks
Conversations with Eddie Gandolfo
35th Anniversary Performance by Jack Garvey
* Nbpt City Council videos
* Featured Artisans
And More!
Dear Friends of the Revival,
In a stunning amendment vote reversal by the City Council last Monday June 12, 2017 evening, regarding the number of Inn Street Transient Vendor Licenses and Artisan Designations on Inn Street, the redrafted city ordinance will now be allowing for FOUR overall TVL yearly licenses with TWO Artisan Designations. This unanimous vote turnaround was anchored by the public testimony and actions by Steve Dinunzio Monday evening in petitioning 21 brick and Mortar retail outlets in which ALL were in favor of the increase in Artisan Designation and presented to the Newburyport City Council.
Steve also spoke on behalf of the city’s artisans by stating;
“In 2013 this city became the nineteenth city in the state to earn the ‘Cultural District Designation”, a campaign led by Mayor Holaday and leaders of the Newburyport Art community. State Rep Kathleen O’connor Ives states, “The Designation identifies the city as a unique destination for visitors, artist, and business development.”
So I certainly feel as though we need more artist on Inn Street.”
Congratulations Steve. Job well done. Id also like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra Turner and Patrick Ryan who came forth and publicly testified on behalf of the artisans at the City Council meetings besides Steve and myself, as well as all those who have contributed to this cause over the past few months and years, specifically Kat Couree, Greg Nikas, Ben Twombly, Jack Garvey and Amy Sciuto. To everyone who has supported this measure and has stood beside us at some point. THANK YOU!
In short, what these new licenses and artisan designations do for us, as well as the city, is reconfirm that;
a. Newburyport is dedicated to supporting the city’s artisans by reconfirming the cultural designations with specific Artisan Designations for creative small business in the area.
And B; It also gives the area an opportunity to lay a significant foundation for a future artisans market either on Inn Street, or somewhere in the city. This is a very significant development as we enter the last phase of planning for the second annual Inn Street Artisans Revival. It is our honor and genuine pleasure, to carry on this tradition while planning for the 60th anniversary of Yankee Homecoming whose idea was spearheaded by a local artist by the name of Jack Frost in 1958.
In the past couple years since Inn St was invaded by the Golden Arches of Mcdonald’s in 2015, we have not only reclaimed our street as a ‘Corporate and Commercial Free Zone” by creating the first ever Yankee Homecoming Artisans Revival, but we have moved to solidify Artisan Designated TVL on Inn Street for the very first time in the city’s history! Congratulations everyone and congratulations to the Artisans of Newburyport!!!!!!!
This is  sweet sweet victory that once again signifies, and sends a very loud, clear message to everyone in this city, that an Artisans Revival is alive and well and we will never surrender these privileges and rights in continuing to contribute to a vibrant creative economy in downtown Newburyport!
In a related incident, I had an opportunity to sit down with a long time poet and artist of Newburyport dating back to the 1970’s Eddie Gandolfo. This meeting has spurned ideas of dedicating a day during the Revival to honor and pay tribute to some of the area’s most distinguished artist that contributed to the vibrancy and creative aura during the early seventies. There will be more information to be announced regarding this shortly, including a very special exhibit that is very close to my heart (Fingers crossed on this one…stay tuned!).
You can see this conversation  with Eddie Gandolfo here:
Conversations with Eddie Gandolfo;
I would also like to take this opportunity to announce a very special musical performance by someone who has been coming down to Inn Street since the early eighties. Jack Garvey will be conducting a very special 35th Anniversary performance on the Inn Street stage on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 6 PM. This performance is part of the new Inn Street Early Evening concert series featuring some of the most well known musicians and artist in the area including Alex Adrian (Saturday July 29th), John Tavano (Sunday July 30th), and Lewis Flores(Friday August 4th).
For a full listing of all performances and exhibits please see;
As well as the postings on our facebook page;
Also, for a video viewing of all the significant contributions to the Artisans Designation for Inn Street, you can view all the significant artisan testimonies and city council votes here:
Newburyport City Council Meeting – May 30th, 2017
4:15 John Brown Testimony
9:33 Sandra Turner Testimony
11:45 Patrick Ryan Testimony
12:45 Steve Dinunzio Testimony
2:50:00 City Council Discussion and Vote on TVL City Ordinance
Newburyport City Council Meeting – June 12, 2017
2:25 Steve Dinunzio Testimony
42:00 Final TVL Amendment Vote
For all those that have not submitted your links and photos for our featured artisan and musician facebook postings…please do so!
You are receiving this update because you are participating in the Artisans Revival or have shown interest in this event. If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, please reply with ‘Remove’ in the subject line.
Thank you.
Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Inn Street Artisans Revival – Facebook
Newburyport Daily News Editorial; As I See It Jack Garvey
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Artisan Revival Library Presentation

Its Official; Artisan Designation for TVL

This update includes;
* News regarding the latest on TVL Artisan Designation.
* No No Nantucket; As Garvey Sees It
* Sneak Preview of Revival special performances and presentations.
* Facebook; Artisans Revival previews
* Updated Yankee Homecoming Revival Page
* ALL balances for the Revival Artisan booths are due asap.
Dear Friends of the Revival,
As you may be aware of, there are a lot of elements regarding the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival that may not be directly connected to the festival itself, but that of an ongoing battle for opportunities for artisans in Newburyport year round. least, as coordinator of the Revival, that is my long term goal.
One of these elements has to do with the current state of the Transient Vendors Licensing for Inn Street. In my last update, I began to fill you in on the current re-drafting of the city ordinance pertaining to the TVL, and how the lastest version included an ‘Artisan Designation’ for the first time in Newburyport City History.  This is a big deal considering the lack of ‘art’ in the city government’s overall conversation. This designation was pushed due to public comment on behalf of four artisans that showed up for public input during the preceding meetings, in which Councilman Jared Eigerman made an amendment to the final draft.
I’m happy to inform you that on May 30th, at about 10:00 PM, the City Council voted in favor for the final draft of the city ordinance authored by councilman Jared Eigerman, including an amendment that would give an ‘Artisan Designation’  to ONE TVL for Inn Street for the first time in the city’s history.
Even though this is a long overdue accomplishment, in my view, as well as others there that came forth for public comment, its not enough, by far. An attempt for an amendment to the original amendment by City Councilman Bruce Vogel to increase the total number of licenses issued to Inn Street to four, with TWO Artisan Designations, fell short by one vote. 6-5. This added amendment was supported by all three members of the License and Permit oversight committee, Council members Bruce Vogel, Joseph Devlin and Gregory Earls. Two additional city council members, Councilman Tontar and Councilman Cameron, also voted in favor of the additional licenses and designations.
Voting against was councilman Eigerman, Cronin, Zeid, O’Brien, Giunta, and Connell.
Councilman Jared Eigerman stated publically that he would continue to work with me on what he refereed to as my ‘artist-cluster’ idea for next spring. Why is it so hard for people to say ‘ARTISAN MARKET’ in this town?????
I am including some email exchanges made after the vote;
On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 9:47 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Councilmen,
Firstly, I feel I can, will, and continue to speak on behalf of all the artisans of Newburyport, and say THANK YOU for rising and taking a stand for artisan designation (whether it’s for one, two, or however many) within the TVL city ordinance of Newburyport. After many years of hearing the word ‘ART’ fall on deaf ears within the rooms of Newburyport City Hall, it was, and will continue to be, a real joy to finally have and see this discussion take place.
IMO, its far far overdue.
So much so, that this conversation is just the beginning. I feel it is only fair to let you know that a very large contingency is now being gathered in support of a petition that will be bringing to light a very different view that has been brought before City Council by retail owners Claudia Harris and Amy Tremblay petition, and the perspective backed by New England Development in the past. In our view, it is this misguided perception that is being embraced by fellow councilmen in regards to the trepidation of brick and mortar business to embrace local artisans on Inn Street, or other places within the D.O.D.. This short sighted perspective continues to paint a faulty view of local downtown creative economic impact of the area that not only falls short of improved shopper influx on the area, but actually serves as a detriment to local, downtown economics.
Studies have continued to provide information that for every dollar spent on art, ten dollars are made by surrounding local brick and mortar business, especially if the avenues for such are planned and executed successfully. This is a FACT.
(This paragraph is being edited and updated to:
Studies have continued to provide information that for every dollar invested in art, ten-thirty dollars are returned to the local economy, especially if the avenues for such are planned and executed successfully. This is a FACT.
The main problem as I have seen it is that the festivals and other avenues of artisan participation on the downtown local economics fail in their planning and execution of festivals and other related activities.
The question I have for council members and surrounding local retails shops is this;
What does the terribly underutilized area of the Inn Street mall that serves for nothing other than skateboarders, bicycles, monkey bars, a children’s splash pad, a playground and schoolyard, do for the local economics of Inn Street?
Coming from someone who has sat down on Inn Street for over ten years, I can personally tell you in my opinion for whats its worth,…absolutely nothing more than a hotdog and an ice cream cone. The Inn Street mall serves as a vital heartbeat of the downtown economics,..and you are losing it as testified by the fearful outcry of retailers and the constant merry go round of empty retail outlets. I for one am sick and tired of hearing, ‘But what about the brick and mortar business?'”
I personally extend a personal invitation to any council member to come join me one sunny afternoon at my art cart and hang out for a while to get a close up and personal view of exactly what it is I am referring to here.
Unfortunately, this perspective continues to fall on deaf ears and I, and many others, will continue to call for your attention to this matter in order for it to be rectified as soon as possible before there are too many other casualties of a failed business model being perpetrated by those that do not, and will not ever, support a local creative economy as they should.
If Councilman Robert Cronin wants to make a legitimate run for Mayor, I hope he will accept my invitation. I fully expect this issue to ultimately be a determining factor in this year’s campaign for Newburyport’s next Mayor.
I too have confidence in Councilman Jared Eigerman’s integrity and believe he will continue to work with us on this matter.
In closing for now, I would like to ask two more questions;
Who were the yes and no votes for the amendment for additional artisan designation TVL’s?
And, Was a final vote taken on the redrafting of the TVL city ordinance taken Tuesday Night? If so, What was the Result?
I would appreciate it if you could forward the answers to these questions for me.
Once again, THANK YOU for working and taking a very tall stand on this issue.
Best Regards,
John Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
As we’ve discussed, I am committed to working with you on the cluster-of-artisans idea.  In the short term, we need to get this ordinance on the books for 2018.
The artisans and I have plenty of time to go to the larger downtown community about the cluster idea before next spring.
On Jun 1, 2017, at 10:06 AM, xxxxxxxxx wrote:

See answers below, in RED.

Who were the yes and no votes for the amendment for additional artisan designation TVL’s?  I’m not sure.  There were so many amendments made on the floor to the TVL ordinance (it was passed – see below), that I lost track.  We’ll get the vote in our next package so I can tell you then.  I would say that any “no” votes were in deference to the Ward 2 councilor’s vote, as he is the one who would field complaints.  So, if he is willing to work  with you on expanding  it, I think the others who voted “no” would come along, too.  Your arguments above are persuasive.
And, Was a final vote taken on the redrafting of the TVL city ordinance taken Tuesday Night? If so, What was the Result?  Yes.  It was passed.  It will have a second reading and then become an ordinance.  I don’t think it will wipe out the licenses currently issued for this year, but it will become effective for next year’s licenses.
Obviously I have lots more to say on this topic and it is far from being over, even this year. There are certain conditions that are STILL being called into question regarding the TVL, especially seeing that two public request were made for license and one application filed and reviewed BY ARTISANS and ALL THREE were denied in favor of a hotdog stand….which has STILL failed to claim its spot on Inn Street.
To this date NO OTHER license issued for 2017 has shown up on Inn Street other than myself. This has been the last straw and if nothing is done about this shortly, you can bet that this is far from being over for THIS YEAR. There can be absolutely no legitimate reason why after all that has been said and done over the past year that three artisans are to be denied licensing only to be given to food vendors that have not yet made a presence on Inn Street in 2017. I have emails readied to be launched to the City Council if there is no other presence made by the issued licenses by Friday June 9th, 2017.
To make it even a greater tragedy, the entire reason WHY the city ordinance was redrafted in the FIRST place last year was due to a complaint made by New England Development on my ‘unmanned cart’. A Ridiculous claim to even begin with. Since when has Newburyport Developement been designated ‘Guardians of Inn Street’?
I hope that people on this mailing list understand on what this has to do with the Revival, and just how significant it is. I understand that some vendors just want to come to the festival, sell their art and have a good time. I do too. You can still do that and no one is telling anyone that they have to get involved politically or do anything other than just come to the festival and participate.
However, for those that understand the deeper ramifications on the Revival and just WHY the Revival came to be in the first place, then there is no reason to even elaborate further. It is self evident, but I will continue to use this mailing list to explain these ramifications on not just the artisans themselves, but how this lack of artist support is affecting the city as a whole.
The fact that an artisan designation, however limited, has now officially become part of Newburyport’s TVL city ordinance is a testament that an Artisans Revival is alive and well in Newburyport. If you think this is insignificant, then stick around some.
We are just getting started.
In other related news, please read;
* No No Nantucket; As Garvey Sees It
In a related event, Jack Garvey has been coming to Inn Street and performing as a street musician since the early eighties. The Revival will be presenting a special performance by Jack Garvey on Monday, July 31st at 6PM celebrating Jack Garvey’s 35th anniversary on Inn Street. You heard it here first. Don’t miss it.
The Revival has begun featuring its artisans daily on our facebook page. Please check them out, like and share!
Yankee Homecomings Revival event page has also been updated here:
For more detail on the TVL and other related ‘behind the scenes news’ please check out my blog;
For all those that have booked a booth during the revival, please send in your balances as soon as possible. Thank you.
You are receiving this update because you are participating in, or have shown interest, in the 2nd annual Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival. If you would like to be removed from this mailing list, please reply with ‘Remove’ in the subject line. Thank you.
Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Inn Street Artisans Revival – Facebook
Newburyport Daily News Editorial; As I See It Jack Garvey
‘No No Nantucket’
Newburyport Daily News; Yankee Homecoming Planning its 60th Year
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Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events
Artisan Revival Library Presentation

Making Lemonade, and changing history

A letter to my closest constituents;
morning  all,

its amazing how things work out sometimes.

when life gives you lemons….make lemonade,
and don’t be surprised if you end up changing the course of history along the way.

last night was the largest and most intense L&P oversight meeting yet. there were several new representatives for the artisans making public comment, as well as a special visit by a city councilman to offer his insight (longer terms, larger space, streamlined oversight, etc.) on the current state of the quickly amending TVL city ordinance draft 2017.

I don’t have time to get into all the specifics as the meeting went well past 2 hours. I will be following up with more detail in a Revival update. But here are the main points.
The draft will be definitely going to the floor of the city council on tuesday evening, but at this time, its anyones guess as to whether or not there will be a vote, or more debate. I can tell you right now, that there may be some fireworks between the author of the draft (Jared Eigerman) and the license and permit oversight committee (Devlin, Earls, Vogel). The l&P oversight is in full support of the artisan designation, as well as amendments regarding renewal, terms, compliance, and others. There may have been up to six amendments entered by the committee, with the most significant one offered by the co-author of the draft, Joe Devlin, who supports the increase to two artisan designation to offset the two current food TVL. If this happens, there will be four Inn St licenses available next year. These amendments are , at this time, being proposed without the approval of Jared Eigerman, who may challenge the amendments during debate on the floor. 
There is even an opportunity for more artisan designation TVL available for Inn St, and other parts of the city down the road.
Needless to say, that just over the course of the last couple weeks, we are looking at not only the core foundation for an Inn St market, but perhaps a foundation for a city artisans market somewhere in newburyport relatively soon.
And it started right here. You all should be very proud of yourselves. You changed something, something that will soon become part of Newburyport’s bylaws…forever.
I hope that whatever scars were created through this process will heal over time. I am sorry if I have contributed to these wounds, I know I’m not the easiest person to work with. But even though this process may have seemed to happen quickly, all know that it has taken years…..and a toll. And all good things that are created to change things,…. have to be earned. And that process is not always easy.
But remember, that someday…..a young artisan will be down on Inn Street, and he will want to know how his right and privilege to be there was created preserved. And this quest to fulfill one’s promise to a creative soul,…will eventually lead to you, and what we have done here,..together.
History is in the making, and with this TVL artisan designation, we are truly creating an Artisans Revival…and don’t ever forget it.
I will be setting up in my new location on Inn St this weekend. Another interesting part about all this is, due to having to be forced out of my old spot due to rebricking for new bistro patio seating, I have presented a similar proposal to the L&P for a ‘site adoption’ at my new location and will be meeting with the parks and recreation committee (with blessings of the L&P) for permission to implement a garden tree bed while re-bricking the area around the tree and cart.
Another development that really blew me away last night was the realization that there has been another license available this year all along. if someone has told you that there was no license available, they outright lied to you.
An artisan showed up last night in full support of the artisan designation TVL because he had just applied for a license and was beaten out by a hotdog vendor from NH!!!! do you believe it??? Talk about over the top absurdity. Even the L&P oversight committee was quite upset over this. But how they could have let this happen is beyond me. The very least they could have and should have done was let those that have made their voice known and requested license the opportunity to apply and be juried along with the two others this past week. I wish i could speak for everybody, but, if you feel you have been done wrong by this process, you have an opportunity to speak.
And none the more then next tuesday evening to the newburyport city council. we will be meeting once again in a side session at 6:45 with the L&P committee. At this time they will be filling us in on any amendments and procedure they will be implementing on the floor during the council meeting that begins at 7:30. ANYONE wishing to speak will be granted two minutes and you must sign up.
All of this while the city’s top politicians meets with the chamber of commerce to host the North Shore Creative economy Association on Wednesday Night, May 31st….the night after the city council vote on artisan designation for TVl.
hmmm,…very very interesting and certainly will be creating a fascinating backdrop for some blogging.
good luck this weekend. looks like mother nature will be giving us a gift. no rain.
stay tuned for more soonest….
John Brown
Spirit of Newburyport

Artisan Designation for TVL…At Last!

In a recent development during a license and permit oversight committee meeting, Artisan designation for a city’s Transient Vendor’s License has now been proposed. This is the first time in Newburyport’s history that an artisan designation for a vendor’s license has been considered. This is a milestone achievement.
Details are still being negotiated and will be posted on this blog as soon as possible. Look for a floor debate, and or vote on Tuesday evening during the city’s next city council meeting.
Stay tuned for more details shortly.
Dear Members of the Committee on Licenses & Permits:
Again, I apologize for having to miss your meeting, tomorrow evening.  I would like to propose the following two changes from the April 8 draft:
  • Up to three (3) licenses in Inn Street, provided that … at least one (1) such license shall be made available solely to vendors of art, crafts, or other artisanal wares, merchandise, or goods, to the exclusion of any food or beverages.”
  • I added Councillor Devlin as a co-sponsor.
Because you haven’t met yet, I realize that the April 8 version is the one that will go into the City Council packet, today.  However, I do intend to make this as a floor amendment on May 30.
​Thank you for your consideration.​

Section 9-114
 No more than a total of three (3) full-season licenses, or their equivalent in cumulative duration, at Inn Street, Inn Street Playground (Map 004-Lot 002), and Inn Street Mall (Map 004-Lot 030 [portion]), provided that: (i) at least one (1) such license shall be made available solely to vendors of art, crafts, or other artisanal wares, merchandise, or goods, to the exclusion of any food or beverages, and (ii) no such license shall allow vending in, from, or by means of a parked vehicle or Food Truck.

4 Artist Take A Stand

Dear Friends of the Revival,
I have some wonderful and very important news.

Last night, two fine artist, one musician, and one culinary artist showed up to voice their public comments and opposition to the final draft of the city’s Transient Vendors Licensing.

By the time we walked out, the License and Permit oversight committee agreed to postpone the final vote in the City Council that would have EXCLUDED the proposed eight new seasonal Licenses from the Downtown Overlay District (D.O.D.), and open up the process for renewed discussion and proposals to INCLUDE them into the D.O.D as ‘designated artisan spaces’,…and even better, specifically Inn Street. This means that finally, after many years, the License and Permit Committee and some City Council members have officially moved to support an Inn Street Artisans Market of some form, specifically, Councilman Bruce Vogel, Gregory Earls, and Joseph Devlin.

It was also confirmed to me personally, prior to the meeting by Ward 2 councillor Jared Eigerman in writing, that the city plans on moving forward in the direction of applying the principles that were laid down in the Inn Street Artisans Revival when it comes to the festivals, favoring vendor Inclusion.

They will be listening more to some of these principles that were applied to the Revival such as ‘non linear’ set ups by vendors in order for retailers to have clearer access to the storefronts, while encouraging them to participate more in sidewalk displays, and allowing for more free flow of traffic in and around vendors. I also have heard from retailers that are upset that the vendors during the festivals (contrary to the festival petition) don’t come further down Pleasant Street as well. By having the type of set ups that are not just a linear ‘wall of tents’ that make it harder to access certain stores, you benefit the stores that are upset for the opposite reasons that some are rejecting them in the festival petition, by spacing the vendors (or forming clusters), thus covering more area. Win Win.

They will be seeking further input from all involved, as well as the artisans, and plan on watching and paying more attention to the Inn Street Revival this year. I plan on rallying for more support, discussion and input amongst my colleagues to continue to hold them accountable to these proposals and ongoing discussions.

In my opinion, the ridiculousness of such suggestions presented in the ‘festival petition’ co-authored by Claudia Harris of the Elephant Trunk is obvious to most with common sense. From all accounts, the notion to exclude vendors and festivals from downtown is being met with absurdity, while their arguments run contrary to the facts.

Personally, I believe they have hung themselves by exposing the real reasons why the downtown business model is failing and being manipulated by New England Development. And it doesn’t have anything to do with the festivals. Maybe they should take a closer look at their business model that includes high rents, reluctance to local unique, and creative diversified merchants that residents and visitors of Newburyport have come to love,…..and expect.

An Artisan Market group is now being formed.

If you are an artisan interested in contributing to this process I urge you to contact me.

Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Inn Street Artisans Revival – Facebook
Newburyport Daily News; Yankee Homecoming Planning its 60th Year
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Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events
Artisan Revival Library Presentation

Transient License Status, Vendor Petition


This email is being sent Bcc to all who attended the first public meeting regarding transient vendor licenses.

After a very long time and through several iterations, the License & Permits Committee is ready to present a final draft to the full council for vote on Monday, May 8th.

Along the way we received much input from several councilors and especially from Ward 2 Councillor Eigerman who represents the downtown district.

Prior to the council meeting on the 8th, the L&P committee will meet for discussion and further input from any and all. Our committee meeting is posted for 6:30 on the 8th, in council chambers.

Attached is the version we will be offering to the floor for vote and will be discussing prior to the meeting.

Certainly, if you have questions or comments, please email or call us – we are at your service.


Bruce Vogel

Chair, L&P Committee

Bruce L. Vogel

Newburyport City Councilor At Large


Dear Gentlemen,
Thank you for forwarding this latest information regarding the status of the Transient Vendors licensing and your work with the latest draft of the city ordinance.
I have also just become aware of the issues expressed in this Daily News article of April 26th.
Merchants: Big festivals hurt small businesses in Newburyport
Some Port retailers suggest moving major events to Bartlet Mall or elsewhere
  • By Dyke Hendrickson Staff Writer
  • Apr 26, 2017
As you know, I am a current Transient Vendor license holder on Inn Street going on my eighth season now. I have been very much involved throughout this process, especially last year leading up to the Inn Street Artisans Revival, as well as addressing the concerns of brick and mortar business, which I did right here on this email thread.
Above and beyond any questions and input I may have on this subject at the moment, I now see that there is going to be a lot more discussion on this subject way beyond just Monday. But before then, and for right now, I felt it best to present this video, one of MANY (Including an interview from the Elephant’s Trunk and other residents and participants of Yankee Homecoming) I did last year regarding the Inn Street Artisans Revival, which is scheduled to take place this year as well. This is not DIRECTLY tied to the TL city ordinance, but, yet it is,…and certainly has ties to it in the long run.
Ester Sayer – Inn Street Brick n Mortar business Owner
and member of Inn Street Restoration project
Speaking about the Inn Street Artisans Revival 2016
As you can see here. I believe there is a win/win and a happy medium for ALL in regards to not only the TL, but the issues that retailers are having with the vending booths during festivals.
I, and others, will be following up this input with our own questions regarding the changes and current status of the TL city ordinance, as well as seeking to contribute our input to the council on Monday evening in benefit for all involved as well as the city as a whole.

Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Inn Street Artisans Revival – Facebook
Newburyport Daily News; Yankee Homecoming Planning its 60th Year
Newburyport Daily News – Home Grown Festival
Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events
Artisan Revival Library Presentation

A Call to Inn Street Artists

A Call for Inn Street Artists

Photographer aims to bring more activity to downtown Newburyport

By Jim Sullivan Staff writer

NEWBURYPORT — While he may be well known for the Newburyport city scenes and landscapes he sells from his Inn Street kiosk, artist John William Brown is beginning to feel a little lonely downtown.

“There or more opportunities for art galleries in Newburyport now than there ever has been,” Brown said. “Just last year we had one of the major art galleries, the Walsingham Gallery, close down. When I was given my license in 2009, there were actually three art galleries on Inn Street alone.”

But Brown is not the type of person to sit idle when he sees a problem. After a McDonald’s kiosk found its way onto Inn Street to the consternation of many people during Yankee Homecoming in 2015, Brown decided to form the first Inn Street Artisans Revival last summer.

More than 35 artisans and nonprofit organizations such as Brown’s Spirit of Newburyport gallery, Amy’s Creations, Angela Chiklis and the Support the Pink House organization, lined Inn Street during last summer’s Yankee Homecoming, and Brown is putting out a call for even more artists, nonprofits and even chefs to join the event this year.

“This is also a call to farmers,” Brown said. “We would like to include an agricultural element to the revival this year as well. So we would like to have a farmers market mixed in with the artisans and the nonprofit and humanitarian groups. That was one element we really didn’t get off the ground last year.”

Brown also extended his invitation to a local winery and brewery to take part in a potential revival tasting event.

“Whether it is a lack of interest or support or the higher rents, whatever it is, we are losing it,” Brown said. “The revival has really given us a platform to say, ‘Hey, this works.’ We hit it out of the park (last year) and we made some good money.”

Eric Hover, a steering committee member of the Support the Pink House organization, said having a kiosk on Inn Street last summer was important to his cause, which is trying to save the legendary vacant Pink House located along Plum Island Turnpike.

“Yankee Homecoming was pivotal for us turning things around,” Hover said. “Not a lot of people knew who we were then, and because of all the people that were there, we got a lot of exposure. It gave us a lot of visibility.”

The owner of Amy’s Creations, Amy Sciuto, said the Inn Street Artisans Revival gave her an excellent opportunity to sell her wares to an appreciative audience.

“It was awesome and I did very well,” Sciuto said. “I do this full time and I travel, and to be home and do it locally is such a positive for me. I just wish Newburyport would do more of it.”

An artist working in photographic images, Brown has been selling his iconic images from Inn Street for the past nine years and spoke to the importance of city festivals to a business like his, which many visitors expect to see when they arrive.

“When you take into account the Spring Festival and the Harvest Festival, which are both organized by the Chamber of Commerce, that is really all there is,” Brown said. “That is not good enough for an artist to make a living at. Two or three festivals a year doesn’t cut it.”

Brown asked that artisans interested in joining this year’s revival visit the Yankee Homecoming website ( to apply.

Jim Sullivan covers Amesbury for The Daily News. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 978-961-3145. Follow him on Twitter  @ndnsully.

A Community Call to Action

Dear Friends of the Revival,
You are receiving this email notification because you were part of the first ever Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival last year, have shown interest in the Revival, or have been determined that the Artisans Revival may be of some interest to you. If you would NOT like to be part of this email list, or would no longer wish to receive these updates for the 2017 event, or related interests, please reply with ‘Remove’ in the subject line.
This update is in regards to the following points of interest;
1. Vendor participation and reservations for the 2017 Revival
ALSO; “A Community Call to Action
2. Notification of an upcoming meeting regarding the creation of a local, creative, Home Studio Network.
3. Notification of an upcoming meeting regarding Newburyport Transient Vendor licenses, and creation of an Artisans Market.
I am reaching out to the Newburyport Daily news writer, Jim Sullivan, who has been instrumental in following the creation of the Inn Street Artisans Revival from the beginning (See Article Links below), and possibly doing yet another article regarding this ‘Community Call to Action“.
First, for anyone who has not received the first update of 2017, the Inn Street Artisans Revival second annual event will take place during Yankee Homecoming on July 29th – August 6th 2017. Prime Inn Street Vending booths are now available based on a first come first serve basis. Due to the huge success of last years inaugural event, the interest and success of local artisans, buoyed by the increased exposure of local buskers, musicians, non-profit and humanitarian groups, healing and culinary artisans, the Revival expects to fully reserve all of its vending spaces for this years event. So much so, that any future artisan vending for the Revival beyond 2017 may be by juried selection, or previous commitment only.
In other words, if the Revival is something you are looking forward to, as well as being part of one of the most exciting new events in the second longest running festival in America….be sure to take advantage of early registration and be part of this year’s show!
For those of you that have already reserved your space, thank you for booking early and I will be following up with all of you shortly.
If you were part of last years event and you have NOT reserved your space as of yet, please get in touch with me and let me know if you intend to take part in this years event. I will make every effort to reserve your space. However, I would like to have all deposits for reservations by April 1st, with balances paid by June 1st.
Even in the wake of lasts years inaugural success of the Revival, there were still many elements that I would like to see expounded on. One in particular was the participation of local farmers, culinary, and agricultural industry, whether it was due to promotion of the event or lack of interests. If you are, or know of, a local farmer, dairy, organic food, or agricultural business, please have them get in touch with me. We will try once again to create a local Farmer’s Market element to the Inn Street Revival, including local wineries and breweries to feature a ‘wine and beer’ tasting event.
Secondly, many local artisans have felt that Newburyport is losing it’s unique, creative, small business ‘appeal’ that has drawn both locals and tourist to this historic seaport over the years. On top of rising retail rates, small business, especially artist, are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a brick and mortar retail outlet in downtown Newburyport. At a time in which Newburyport has been recently designated a ‘historic and cultural district’ in the State of Massachusetts, many are seeking more support, interaction, and inclusion from the city.
Regardless, and more than ever, many fine artists, photographers, musicians, agriculture (farmers), non-profit and humanitarian groups, healing and culinary arts, are moving forward and developing ‘Home Based Studio’s, and turning to the internet for marketing and promoting their local business.” Hence the idea for the creation of a ‘Home Studio Network“.
Are you a local artisan, musician, non-profit, humanitarian, farmer, healing or culinary artist with a local, or home based studio in the greater Newburyport area?
Fed up with the out of control rental rates in downtown Newburyport?
Feel that Newburyport is losing its local, creative appeal in exchange for more commercialized ‘bling ching’?
Looking for an alternative way to market, promote , and empower yourself and your small creative business?
If you are interested in being a part of a Home Studio Network, please contact me as we are now looking to set up the first ‘Home Studio Network’ meeting to consider alternative ways to promote and market our small creative business ventures. Let me know when a good time for you to meet would be. I will then contact you with a proposed time and place (possibly my new “home studio’ for the Spirit of Newburyport) for the first Greater Newburyport  ‘Home Studio Network” meeting.
Lastly, this dovetails into the final point of this update, and that is the issue of possible expansion of Newburyport Transient Licenses. The Inn Street Artisans Revival was created with the intention as a stepping tone, and possible ‘demonstrational model’, for a more permanent or semi-permanent, seasonal ‘Artisans Market’ in downtown Newburyport. 
Personally, as the one and only artist to be granted a city transient license in the city of Newburyport (Of which there are ONLY three) for the past eight years, I am appalled that during this time no movement whatsoever has been made by the city itself to either expand the available transient licences for other artisans or see any effort at all to create a downtown Artisans Market. Then again, there really has been any concerted community effort to make this happen!
Enough. The time has come to reach out to the local community and force more attention on the issue and create the avenues that need to be created in order to give local artisans a more viable and visible opportunity to promote and market their wares in a seasonal and/or year round prime market space.
Many feel that this is not only beneficial to the local artisans that make up this community, but also for the community and city itself in order to restore the creative, inspiring, local culture that seems to be intentionally eliminated due to the emphasis on more commercial and corporate pursuits.
The Inn Street Artisans Revival was created out of a backlash to commercial overreach on Inn Street. The same ideas and elements of empowerment can be applied to create more permanent avenues of trade and commerce for local artisans and small business ventures to further its appeal as a local, and truly more cultural and diversified, district.
The meeting for a Home Studio Network can be separate, or combined in one all encompassing meeting with the ‘expanded transient’ license and Artisan Market concept.
Let me know if there is anyone else out there that feels the same as I do and is interested in rising to the occasion to do something about it…just like we have with the Inn Street Artisans Revival.
For more insight on an Artisan Market proposal that I have had for many years now, please see;
As well as much more information in the links below.
Thank you and look forward to hearing from you and your ideas,
suggestions and contributions to any and/or all of the above!

Best Regards,

John William Brown
Spirit of Newburyport
42B Federal Street
Newburyport, MA 01950

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street
Artisans Revival Coordinator

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Newburyport Daily News Article – Worth The Price of Admission
Newburyport Daily News – Home Grown Festival
Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events
Artisan Revival Library Presentation

Ester Sayer Interview

As part of a continuing series of interviews conducted for the ‘Making of the Revival’ documentary by coordinator and Artisan John Brown of the Spirit of Newburyport, this interview with Ester Sayer is the first part of an elaborated exchange between some of the Inn Street Brick and Mortar businesses and concerns prior to the event, as well an ongoing dialogue between just about anyone who is someone in the City of Newburyport, resulting in a citywide organizational co-operative effort in adding the final touches to the Inn Street Artisans Revival, the Inn Street Pictorial Banners. (Designed by the way, by Inn Street Gallery owner Greg Nikas of Sweethaven.

To me as coordinator of the Revival, this resulted in one of the most prouder moments as an artist in Newburyport, but also as one of the most emotional gratifying.

Please stay tuned…